May 28, NYC: CUNY Must Divest! Rally and Press Conference for Palestine

Friday, 28 May
3:00 pm
John Jay College
524 W 59th St
New York City

This event will publicize the CUNY Statement for Palestine and then march to CUNY offices. See latest statement updates at the link.

CUNY Community Statement of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

[To add your name, please click here or email]

We, members of the City University of New York community, stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine resisting the violence and oppression of Israeli settler colonial and apartheid rule.

We condemn the brutal bombing of Gaza, one of the world’s most densely populated areas, by Israeli forces. This represents the latest chapter of a nearly-fifteen-year illegal blockade that has transformed the territory into a prison for its two million inhabitants, most of whom descend from refugees expelled and driven from their homes during the Nakba that resulted from the establishment of the settler colonial state of Israel.

We condemn the forced removal of Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah—part of the broader colonial project of dispossession and expulsion, including unequal residency rights and discriminatory planning policies designed to advance the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem. We oppose the raiding of the al-Aqsa mosque, and the de facto annexation of East Jerusalem, which is illegally occupied territory. 

We mourn all loss of life. But we do not subscribe to a “both sides” rhetoric that erases the military, economic, media, and global power that Israel has over Palestine. This narrative  ignores and conceals the meaningful differences between Israel—one of the most heavily militarized states in the world that receives $3.8 billion of military aid annually from the U.S.—and a Palestinian population resisting colonial occupation and oppression. We pledge to do all in our power to change the conversation.

We assert that this is not a “conflict” that is too “controversial and complex” to assess. Since its inception, Israel has used violent force, punitive bureaucracy, and its legal system to expel Palestinians from their rightful homes and to remove Palestinian people from their land. Israeli law systematically discriminates against Palestinian citizens of Israel. Palestinians are cut off from each other by a network of checkpoints, laws, settler-only highways, and a separation wall that swallows illegally occupied Palestinian land. Both Human Rights Watch and B’Tselem have recently concluded that Israeli policies and practices towards Palestinians amount to apartheid, reinforcing a decades old analysis of Palestinian and international solidarity organizations.

We wholeheartedly endorse the “Palestine and Praxis” open letter and call to action, affirming our own commitment to speaking out in defense of “the Palestinian struggle as an indigenous liberation movement confronting a settler colonial state,” as well as foundational principles of scholarly integrity and academic freedom. We vow to support those who are most vulnerable to attack for organizing and speaking out on our campuses, including Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, and other students, faculty, and staff of color.

We unequivocally endorse and amplify the call from the Palestinian Feminist Collective for “feminists everywhere to speak up, organize, and join the struggle for Palestinian liberation” and the solidarity statement from gender studies departments.  

We hail the fortitude and determination of the Palestinian people, who remain, despite the fragmentation of their populations, united in their demands to end their oppression. May 15 marked the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba, an ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine that drove over 750,000 Palestinians out of their homes, villages, and cities between the years 1947-1949. Today the vast majority of these Palestinians and their descendants are refugees in bordering countries and in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. We take our stand with Palestinians who have been resisting settler colonialism for more than one hundred years.

Therefore, we pledge to:

  • Initiate, support, and amplify campaigns in solidarity with Palestinian calls for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli apartheid, at CUNY and in our wider communities. In particular, we echo the demands of the John Jay Student Letter to Demand BDS and Solidarity with Palestinian Resistance and stand with any and all student-led resolutions demanding CUNY’s immediate divestment from companies that aid in Israeli colonization, occupation, and war crimes. As of 2014, CUNY invests at least $1,093,900 in weapons manufacturers such as Boeing, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon; tech and security companies such as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, G4S, and Motorola Solutions; and construction firms such as Caterpillar and Cemex.
  • Demand that our individual campuses, and CUNY as a whole, endorse and support the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.
  • Stand in solidarity with students, staff, and faculty organizing for justice in Palestine at CUNY and everywhere. In particular, we pledge to push back against attempts to repress Students for Justice in Palestine chapters, and similar student-led efforts, at CUNY or anywhere. The “Palestine exception to free speech” needs to end!
  • Highlight Palestinian scholarship on Palestine in syllabi, our writing, and through invitation of  Palestinian scholars and community members to speak at departmental and university events, and extend this approach to any and all indigenous scholars within the university and in our communities.
  • Support community efforts and legislation to pressure our government to end funding for Israeli military aggression.

Against the rain of bombs, against the roving murderous mobs, against settler colonialism, against the support of complacent Western governments, we stand with the people of Palestine. We join together in rededicating ourselves to working against all forms of racism, colonialism, and injustice at CUNY, in the classroom, on campus, in our communities, and beyond.

[To add your name, please click here or email]


1.     Anthony Alessandrini, Faculty, Kingsborough Community College & Graduate Center

2.     Christopher Stone, Faculty, Hunter College

3.     Hajara Masood, Faculty, Hunter College

4.     Molly Daniels, Student, Hunter College

5.     Zhun Xu, Faculty, John Jay College

6.     Corinna Mullin, Faculty, John Jay College

7.     Margaret Leland Smith, Faculty, John Jay College

8.     Rupal Oza, Faculty, Hunter College

9.     Lucien Baskin, Student, Graduate Center

10.  Sofya Aptekar, Faculty, School of Labor and Urban Studies

11.  Fatima Tariq, CUNY Alumni, Hunter College

12.  Adam Wilson, Student, Graduate Center

13.  Petra Gregory, Student, College of Staten Island, University Student Senate Alternate and Student Advocate w/ Free CUNY

14.  Isheta Khanom, Student, CUNY School of Medicine

15.  Marianne Madoré, Student/Faculty, Graduate Center & Brooklyn College

16.  Naomi Schiller, Faculty, Brooklyn College

17.  Jeremy Randall, Student, Graduate Center

18.  Tami Gold, Faculty, Hunter College

19.  Claire Bishop, Faculty, Graduate Center

20.  Nicholas Glastonbury, Student, Graduate Center

21.  Nora Alsahybi, Student, John Jay College

22.  Johanna Fernandez, Faculty, Baruch College

23.  Samira Haj, Faculty, College of Staten Island & Graduate Center

24.  Robyn Spencer, Faculty, Lehman College

25.  Zehra Husain, Student, Graduate Center

26.  Brenna McCaffrey, Student, Graduate Center

27.  Elida Jbeili, CUNY Alumni, Graduate Center

28.  Nandini Ramachandran, Student, Graduate Center

29.  Jillian Schwedler, Faculty, Graduate Center

30.  Sheehan Moore, Student, Graduate Center

31.  Shima Houshyar, Student, Graduate Center

32.  Maya Harakawa, Student, Graduate Center

33.  Conor Tomás Reed, Faculty, Brooklyn College

34.  Sarah Schulman, Distinguished Professor, College of Staten Island

35.  Alisha Shakoor, Student, CUNY

36.  Frank Deale, Faculty, CUNY Law School

37.  Mikey Elster, Student, Graduate Center

38.  Amber Rivero, Student, John Jay College, University Student Senate Vice Chair of Senior College Affairs & Student Government Assocation President

39.  Omnia Khalil, Student, Graduate Center

40.  Rehma Saleem, CUNY Alumni, Hunter College

41.  Aya Abdelaziz, CUNY Alumni, Hunter College

42.  Khaled Al Hilli, Student, Graduate Center/Hunter College

43.  Musabika Nabiha, Student, John Jay College

44.  Thayer Hastings, Student, Graduate Center

45.  Brahim Rouabah, Student, Graduate Center

46.  Cihan Tekay, Student, Graduate Center

47.  Glenn Kissack, Faculty, Hunter College High School

48.  Moustafa Bayoumi, Faculty, Brooklyn College

49.  Jacqueline Brown, Faculty, Hunter College

50.  Burcu Ozdemir, Student, Graduate Center

51.  David Kanbergs, CUNY Alumni

52.  Saadia Toor, Faculty, College of Staten Island

53.  Alexis Stern, Alumni, City College

54.  Sohomjit Ray, Faculty, College of Staten Island

55.  Abir Petiwala, Alumni, City College/Hunter College/Macaulay

56.  Sana Arshad, Alumni, Hunter College

57.  Eliza Kamal, Hunter College and Silberman School of Social Work

58.  Rahenuma, Student, City College

59.  Ayah Ahmad, Student, Hunter College

60.  Abdulla Ahmed, Student, Hunter College

61.  Lindsay Parme, Student, Graduate Center

62.  Mitchell Kaye, Alumni, CUNY Law School

63.  Shaimaa Elsafoury, Staff, CUNY School of Public Health

64.  Jonathan Buchsbaum, Faculty, Queens College

65.  A. B. Chitty, Staff, Queens College

66.  Gaurav Jashnani, Staff, Macaulay Honors College

67.  Sonia J Cheruvillil, Student, CUNY School of Public Health

68.  Avram Bornstein, Faculty, John Jay College

69.  Deeadra Brown, Faculty, Hunter College

70.  Wasie Karim, Alumni, Hunter College

71.  Valerie Tevere, Faculty, College of Staten Island

72.  Boyda J Johnstone, Faculty, Borough of Manhattan Community College

73.  Sherry Millner, Faculty, College of Staten Island

74.  Rehnuma Nusrat, Student, Hunter College

75.  Chaumtoli Huq, Faculty, CUNY Law School

76.  Richard Furlong, Faculty, LaGuardia Community College

77.  Siraj Ahmed, Faculty, Graduate Center and Lehman College

78.  Rhea Rahman, Faculty, Brooklyn College

79.  China Sajadian, Student, Graduate Center

80.  Ujju Aggarwal, Alumni, Graduate Center

81.  Gary Wilder, Faculty, Graduate Center

82.  Robyn Marasco, Faculty, Hunter College

83.  Alyson K. Spurgas, Alumni, Graduate Center

84.  Deborah M. Philip, Student, Graduate Center

85.  Jabir, Student, Hunter College

86.  Kazembe Balagun, Alumni, Hunter College

87.  Asmaa Elamrousy, Alumni, Graduate Center

88.  Adina Marx-Arpadi, Student, CUNY Law School

89.  Samantha Sherry, Alumni, School of Labor and Urban Studies

90.  Sami Disu, Faculty, John Jay College

91.  Matt Brim, Faculty, College of Staten Island

92.  Ganesh K Trichur, Faculty, College of Staten Island

93.  Jay Arena, Faculty, College of Staten Island

94.  Asmaou Diallo, Student, John Jay College

95.  Maya edery, Alumni, Hunter College

96.  Ammiel Alcalay, Faculty, Queens College & Graduate Center

97.  Nada Elraey, Student

98.  Marwa Janini, Alumni, Graduate Center

99.  Vladimir Gurewich, Student, Graduate Center

100. Bhakti Shringarpure, Alumni, Graduate Center

101. Alexander Elinson, Faculty, Hunter College

102. Joseph Entin, Faculty, Brooklyn College

103. Laura Waldman, Student, CUNY Law School

104. Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi, Alumni, Hunter College

105. Jarrett Moran, Student, Graduate Center

106. Omnia Khalil, Student, Graduate Center

107. Nara Roberta Silva, Faculty

108. Jen Gaboury, Faculty, Hunter College

109. Tanya Agathocleous, Faculty, Hunter College

110. Charisa Smith, Faculty, CUNY Law School

111. Linsey Ly, Student, Graduate Center

112. Katherine Wilson, Faculty, Hunter College

113. Catherine Raissiguier, Faculty, Hunter College

114. Diana Moore, Faculty, John Jay College

115. Safa Kassim, Alumni, Hunter College

116. Suzanne Adely, Alumni, CUNY Law School

117. Dr. Lauren Hudson, Faculty, John Jay College

118. Karen Miller, Faculty, LaGuardia Community College

119. Maria Arettines, Alumni, Hunter College

120. Zoe Griffith, Faculty, Baruch College

121. Lisa Gagliardo, Student, Hunter College

122.  Sana Nawaz, Alumni, John Jay College

123.  Samihah Sirajul-Islam, Student, City College of New York

124.  Hugo Goeury, Student, Graduate Center

125.  Seon Britton, Student, Graduate Center

126.  Nicole Haiber, Student, Graduate Center

127.  Ron Hayduk, Faculty, San Francisco State University

128.  Jesse Schwartz, Faculty, LaGuardia Community College

129.  Amy Herzog, Faculty, Queens College and Graduate Center

130.  Sebastian Villamizar Santamaria, Student, Graduate Center

131.  Joseph Henry, Student, Graduate Center

132.  Kristina Richardson, Faculty, Queens College and Graduate Center

133.  Satish Kolluri, Faculty, Pace University

134.  Justin Beauchamp, Student, Graduate Center

135.  Gerry Martini, Staff, Graduate Center

136.  Jane Guskin, Faculty, Queens College

137. Tafadar Sourov, Alum, City College, Construction Labor Organizer

138. Tara Mateik, Faculty, College of Staten Island

139. Maya Tellman, Student, Sociology, Graduate Center

140. Hanna Goldberg, Student, Graduate Center

141. Horacio Ramos, Student, Graduate Center

142. Elizabeth Bullock, Alumna, Graduate Center

143. Kerry Doran, Student, Graduate Center

144. Chinonye Otuonye, Student, Graduate Center

145. Jessica Larson, Student, Graduate Center

146. Harry Blain, Faculty, Graduate Center

147. August G. Smith, Student, Graduate Center

148. Darializa Avila Chevalier, Student, Graduate Center

149. Chloe Truong-jones, Student, CUNY Law

150. Rex Santus, Student, CUNY Law

151. Arooj Alam, Alum, Graduate Center

152. Hilarie Ashton, Student, Graduate Center

153. H. Ege Ozen, Faculty, College of Staten Island

154. Milo Ward, Student, Graduate Center

155. Krystin Hernandez, Student, CUNY Law

156. Nicholas Grosso, Staff, Queens College

157. Nicholas Rodrigo, Faculty, John Jay College

158. Christopher Santiago, Faculty, College of Staten Island

159. Simone Harstead, Student, CUNY Law

160. Kevin McGinnis, Student, Graduate Center

161. Joseph van der Naald, Student, Graduate Center

162.Timothy Scott Johnson, Faculty, Graduate Center

163. Michelle Gaspari, Student, Graduate Center

164. Rebecca Irvine, Student, Graduate Center

165. Lawrence Johnson, Faculty, Brooklyn College

166. Yessenia, Student, CUNY School of Journalism

167. Allison Brown, Faculty, City Tech

168. Syed Haq, Student, CUNY School of Journalism

169. Carly Batist, Student, Graduate Center

170. Anam Saleem, Alum, Brooklyn College

171. Timothy Shortell, Faculty, Brooklyn College

172. Quinn Schoen, Student, Graduate Center

173. Janine DeFeo, Student, Graduate Center

174. Alyshia Gálvez, Faculty, Lehman College

175. Christa Salamandra, Faculty, Lehman College

176. Sheneca Sharpe, Student, CUNY School of Journalism

177. Jack Crawford, Student, Graduate Center

178. Eddie J Pesante-Gonzalez, Student, Graduate Center

179. Jessie Fredlund, Student, Graduate Center

180. Ethan Chiel, Student, CUNY Law

181. Jessica Bal, Faculty, CUNY School of Journalism

182. Zachary Smith, CUNY School of Journalism

183. Ola Galal, Student, Graduate Center

184. Mia Curran, Graduate Center

185. Anny Oberlink, Student, CUNY School of Journalism

186. Taryn Fivek, Faculty, John Jay College

187. Aaron Tremper, Student, CUNY School of Journalism

188. Krystin Hernandez, Student, CUNY Law

189. Öykü Tekten, Student, Graduate Center

190. Guney Demir, Student, Graduate Center

191. Lara Russo, Alumna CUNY Law

192. Mona Reed, Student, Hunter College

193. Noura Embabi, Student, Graduate Center

194. Sophia Laila Agag, Alumna, Baruch College; Staff, Arab American Association of New York

195. Marcus Hyde, Student, CUNY Law

196. Marc Kagan, Faculty, Lehman College

197. Yzza Sedrati, Student, Graduate Center

198. Scott Erich, Student, Graduate Center

199. Denny Jacob, Student, CUNY Law

200. Kyriakos Ali Christodoulou, Student, Queens College and CUNY BA

201. Emily Drabinski, Staff, Graduate Center

202. Jonathan Larson, Faculty, Queens College

203. Julie Skurski, Faculty, Graduate Center

204. Elizabeth Gumport, Student, CUNY Law

205. Kaegan Sparks, Student, Graduate Center

206. Lili Shi, Faculty, Kingsborough  Community College

207. Erin Tomlinson, Faculty/Alumna, CUNY Law

208. Anumta Raheel, Alumna, Brooklyn College

209. Stephanie Sorquira, Student, CUNY Law

210. Naomi Braine, Faculty, Brooklyn College

211. Stephanie Boyle, Faculty, City Tech

212. Alana Gaymon, Staff, College of Staten Island

213. Britt Munro, Student, Grad Center

214. Natasia Dasilva, Alumna, CUNY Law

215. Nehal Amer, Student, Grad Center

216. Gillian Rowland-Kain, Student, CUNY Law

217. Kate Kelley, Student, Grad Center

218. Mubbashir Rizvi, Alumni, Brooklyn College

219. Shibanee Sivanayagam, Student, Grad Center/Baruch College

220. JaLoni Owens, Student, President of Student Government at CUNY Law

221. Eliza Marks, Student, Grad Center

222. Bianca Williams, Faculty, Grad Center

223. Googie Karrass, Student, Grad Center

224. Saim Siddiqui, Alumni, Hunter College

225. Hailey Lam, Student, Grad Center

226. Allison Nicole Smith, Student, CUNY School of Journalism

227. Olivia Wood, Student, Grad Center

228. Navjot Pal Kaur, Alumni, Baruch College

229. Farah Zahra, Student, Grad Center

230. Jean Hyemin Kim, Faculty, Baruch College

231. Nerdeen Kiswani, Student, CUNY Law

232. Anthony Harb, Student, Grad Center

233. Martin Aagaard Jensen, Student, Grad Center

234. Chloe Brittenham, Student, Grad Center

235. Fatoumata Binta Bah, Alumna, Hunter College

236. Tamara Maatouk, Student, Grad Center

237. Oscar Aponte, Student, Grad Center

238. Zoe Goldstein, Student, Grad Center

239. Aquilino Gonzalez Solano, Alumni, College of Staten Island

240. Rachel Fikslin, Ph.D. Student, Hunter College

241. David Patrick Gallagher, Student, Grad Center

242. Mehrnaz Moghaddam, Student, Grad Center

243. Feigie Bloom, Student, Hunter College

244. Binita Zaman, CUNY Alumna

245. Maura McCreight, Student, Grad Center

246. Gerald Koch, Alumni, CUNY Law

247. Caroline Schwab, Student, City College and CUNY for Abolition and Safety

248. Sam O’Hana, Grad Center

249. Clark Adomaitis, Student, CUNY School of Journalism

250. Jessica Gordon-Nembhard, Faculty, John Jay College

251. Jenny Akchin, Alumna, CUNY Law

252. Sarah Weber, Student, Grad Center

253. Casey Berner, Student, Grad Center

254. Ivy Barrett Fox Bryan, Student, Grad Center/Brooklyn College

255. Trey Dellucci, Student, Hunter College

256. Tyler Crown, Student, Grad Center

257. Adashima Oyo, Student, Grad Center

258. Jenny Rossberg, Student, Grad Center

259. Daniel Teitell, Student, CUNY Law

260. Ramsha Shahid, CUNY Alumna

261. Michael L. J. Greer, Student, Grad Center

262. Kasey Zapatka, Student, Grad Center

263. Roxanne Zech, Student, CUNY Law

264. Kelly M Britt, Faculty, Brooklyn College

265. Karen Hui, Student, Grad Center

266. Muhammad Jawad, Student, Baruch College

267. Stephen Cheng, Student, CUNY Law

268. Jeena Shah, Faculty, CUNY Law

269. Kavita Misra, Alumna, CUNY School of Public Health

270. Derek Ludovici, Faculty, Brookly College

271. Alexa Punnamkuzhyil, Student, Grad Center

272. Ihssan Alsubai, Student, Hunter

273. Stuart Chen-Hayes, Faculty, Lehman College

274. Leila Walker, Faculty, Queens College

275. Jeff Voss, Student/Faculty, Graduate Center/Brooklyn College

276. Vallerie Matos, Student, Grad Center

277. Eric Dean Wilson, Student, Grad Center

278. Jeanne Theoharis, Faculty, Brooklyn College

279. Eva Steinberg, Student, Grad Center

280. George Fragopoulos, Faculty, CUNY

281. Velina Manolova, Alumna, Grad Center

282. Deborah Leter, Student, Grad Center

283. Mobina Hashmi, Faculty, Brooklyn College

284. Katina Rogers, Staff, Grad Center

285. Rafael Gilbert, Student, CUNY Law

286. Michael Druffel, Student, Grad Center

287. Elizabeth Bidwell Goetz, Alumna, Grad Center

288. Tarek Ismail, Faculty, CUNY School of Law

289. Carolina Bank Muñoz, Faculty, Brooklyn College

290. anna zeemont, Student, Grad Center

291. Ezekiel Finkelstein, Faculty, Lehman College

292. Christopher Mejía, Student, Brooklyn College & School of Labor and Urban Studies

293. Ja Young Jeon, Student, Grad Center

294. Jill Cirasella, Faculty, Grad Center

295. Alexander Schlutz, Faculty, John Jay College & Grad Center

296. Natasha Ochshorn, Student, Grad Center

297. Lynn Zhong, Student, CUNY Law

298. Suzie Quarrell, Faculty, Lehman College

299. Maya Kouassi, Alumna, CUNY Law

300. Ros Petchesky, Emeritus Faculty, Hunter College & Grad Center

301. Sara Pekow, Student, Grad Center

302. Jesse Rice-Evans, Student, Grad Center

303. Sylvia C Korman, Faculty, Lehman College

304. Debarati Biswas, Faculty, Hunter College

305. Jocelyn Wills, Faculty, Brooklyn College

306. Humberto Ballesteros, Faculty, Hostos Community College

307. Nusrath Jahan Nisha, Alumni, Brooklyn and Hunter Colleges

308. Alyx Raz, Student, Grad Center

309. Inma Naima Zanoguera, Student, Grad Center

310. Mary Ann Caws, Faculty Emerita, Grad Center

311. Ozlem Goner, Faculty, College of Staten Island

312. Khaldoun Abou Tay, Student, BMCC

313. Shakila Khan, Student, Hunter College

314. Maria Quinata, Student, Grad Center

315. Bhargav Rani, Student, Grad Center

316. Ayse Akalin, CUNY Alumni

317. Zoe Hu, Student, Grad Center

318. Saadi Ouaaz, Student CUNY, and American Muslim Defense League

319. Brian Pickett, Faculty, Brooklyn College

320. Rebecca Mlynarczyk, Emeritus Faculty, Grad Center

321. Colleen Campbell, Alumna, CUNY Law

322. Angela Dunne, Student, Grad Center

323. blanche wiesen cook, Faculty, John Jay College and Grad Center

324. Emily Price, Student, Grad Center

325. Rashmi Viswanathan, CUNY Alumni

326. Aaron Botwick, Faculty, Hostos Community College

327. Mark-Allan Donaldson, Student, Grad Center

328. Timothy Mahoney, Student, Grad Center

329. Cristine Khan, Student, Grad Center

330. Juno Morrow, Faculty, Hostos Community College

331. Anne Spice, Student, Grad Center

332. Ellen Goldner, Faculty, College of Staten Island

333. Fadi Kafeety, Alumni, Grad Center

334. Madeleine Barnes, Student, Grad Center

335. Colette Gerstmann, Student, Grad Center

336. Liana Kallman, Student, School of labor and urban studies

337. Rafael Ernesto Peña, Student, Lehman College

338. Helene Mbaye, Student, Hunter College

339. Meg Kallman Feeley, Faculty, Kingsborough Community College

340. Sa’dia Rehman, Alumni, City College

341. James Hession, Faculty, College of Staten Island

342. Hala Embabi, CUNY Alumna, Grad Center

343. Alexander Zevin, Faculty, College of Staten Island

344. Erik B. Wallenberg, Student, Graduate Center  

345. Dhipinder Walia, Student, Graduate Center

346. Shirley S Li, Student, Graduate Center

347. Isaiah Montoya, Student, BMCC

348. Chris Carpenter, Student, Graduate Center

349. Kirsten Gill, Student, Graduate Center

350. Jacob Collins, Faculty, College of Staten Island

351. Suzie Oppenheimer, Student, Graduate Center  

352. Amy Martin, Student, Graduate Center  

353. Amber Grof, Student, Graduate Center

354. Lara Saguisag, Faculty, College of Staten Island

355. Alycia Sellie, Faculty, Graduate Center

356. Joshua Mejia, Student, BMCC

357. Sydney Collazo, Student, BMCC

358. Shahrooz Nasir, Alumni, Hunter College

359. Mehrnaz Moghaddam, Student, Grad Center

360. Cylantra K Dees, Student, CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies

361. Hosu Kim, Faculty, College of Staten Island

362. Andreina Barthly, Student, CUNY

363. patricia Ticiento Clough, Faculty, Queens College and Grad Center

364. Arman Azimi, Student, Grad Center

365. Aisha Munir, Student, Hunter College

366. Yzza Sedrati, Student, Grad Center

367. Inés Vañó García, Student, Grad Center

368. Patricia Alessandrini, Alumna, CUNY

369. Aseel Sawalha, Alumna, Grad Center

370. Asmaa Butt, Alumna, Hunter College

371. Luu, Alumni, CUNY

372. John P Pittman, Faculty, John Jay College

373. Nehal Naser, Alumni, Kingsborough Community College

374. Zamara Choudhary, Alumni, Hunter College

375. Sydney Collazo, Student, BMCC

376. Liora Cohen-Fraade, Alumna, CUNY Law

377. Michael Salcido, Student, Grad Center

378. Katharine C. Beer, Alumna, Hunter College and Palestine Solidarity Alliance

379. Eman Gad, Student

380. Sneha Jayaraj, Student

381. Farzana Ali, Student, CUNY Law

382. Theresa Horvath, Student, Grad Center

383. Patricia Cipollitti, Student, Grad Center

384. Dhruv Gupta, Student, Queens College

385. Laura Tanenbaum, Faculty, LaGuardia Community College

386. Marlyn Paulino, Student, Queens College

387. Bilge Yesil, Faculty, College of Staten Island & Grad Center

388. Katherine Caldwell, Student, Grad Center

389. Peter Ranis, Emeritus Faculty, Grad Center

390. Lan Li

391. Dominic Wetzel, Faculty, Kingsborough

392. Andrea Khalil, Faculty, Queens College/Grad Center 

393. Stephen Blum, Faculty, Grad Center (retired)

394. Vani Kannan, Faculty, Lehman College

395. Mohamed Aboseria, CUNY Alumni

396. Tajwar Alom, Student, Queens College

397. Faisal Khan, Alumni, City College

398. Jamila Hammami, Alumna, Grad Center

399. Linta Varghese, Faculty, BMCC

400. Kinza Iftikhar, Alumna, John Jay College

401. John Whitlow, Faculty, CUNY Law

402. Ateea Kazi, Alumna, City College

403. Elizabeth Oram, Faculty, Hunter College School of Nursing

404. Rose M. Kim, Faculty, BMCC

405. Andrea Morrell, Faculty, Guttman Community College

406. Kristin Lawler, Alumna, Grad Center

407. Marcus Hyde, Student, CUNY Law

408. Alex Wolf, Faculty, Bronx Community College

409. Zaid Nakadar, Alumni, Brooklyn College  

410. Jeannette Graulau, Faculty, Lehman College

411. Shoumik Bhattacharya, Student, Grad Center

412. Elhum Haghighat, Faculty, Lehman College

413. Mary Taylor, Staff, Grad Center, Center for Place, Culture and Politics

414. Jack Hirschman, Alumni, CCNY, Emeritus Poet Laureate of San Francisco

415. Samuel Finesurrey, Faculty, Guttman Community College  

416. Stephen Leberstein, Faculty, City College and Center for Worker Education (retired)

417. Jessica Taube, Faculty, Hunter College, Silberman School of Social Work

418. Anthony O’Brien, Faculty Emeritus, Queens College

419. Kate Sheese, Student, Grad Center

420. Nebahat Avcioglu, Faculty, Hunter College

421. Talha Ahmad, Alumni, Hunter College

422. Rani Allan, Alumni, Hunter College and Palestine Solidarity Alliance

423. José Miguel Martínez Torrejón, Faculty, Queens College

424. Tyler T. Schmidt, Faculty, Lehman College

425. Jonathan H Shannon, Faculty, Hunter College

426. Mary Catherine Kinniburgh, CUNY Alumna

427. Melissa Horger, Student, Grad Center

428. Lisa Jahn, Student, Grad Center  

429. Zeyna Noor, Student, CUNY Law School

430. Sarah Schwartz, Student, Grad Center

431. Melissa Horger, Student, Grad Center

432. Lisa Jahn, Student, Grad Center

433. Walter Daum, Faculty, City College (retired)

434. Sarah Schwartz, Student, Grad Center

435. Anne Hays, Faculty, College of Staten Island

436. Melissa Castillo Planas, Lehman College

437. Donna Lee Granville, Faculty, Brooklyn College

438. Gehad Abdelrehim, Student, CUNY Law

439. Beth Baron, Faculty

440. Oumar Siby, Student, Hunter College

441. Sandra Moyano-Ariza, Student, Grad Center

442. Maxine Krenzel, Student, Grad Center

442. Destry Maria Sibley, Student, Grad Center and Teaching Fellow, City College

443. Tahiya Choudhury, Student, CUNY

444. Mythri Prasad-Aleyamma , Post-Doc, Grad Center

445. Farooq Shirzad , Student, Hunter College

446. Komal Khosla, Student, John Jay College

447. Akram Ishmael, Student, CUNY

448. Bintou Kamara, Student, CUNY

449. Maggie Dickinson, Faculty, Guttman Community College

450. Matthew Chrisler, Student, Grad Center

451. CalvinJohn Smiley, Faculty, Hunter College

452. Thomas Watters, Faculty, Brooklyn College

453. Andréa Stellap, Faculty, City College

454. Ahmed Hassan Faizi, Student, Hunter College

455. Mahmuda Khanom, Student, CUNY

456. Ian Olasov, Faculty, Brooklyn College

457. Omar Dibba, Alumni, Hunter College

458. Jacob Aplaca, Student, Grad Center

459. Izza Nawaz , Student, Hunter College

460. Indie Pranvera, Alumna, City College of New York

461. Miranda Hajduk, Student, Grad Center

462. Jane Holzka, Faculty, LaGuardia Community College

463. Jessi mcneill, Student, Grad Center

464. Maham Khan, Student, Hunter College

465. Tess Wolterstorff, Student, Lehman College

466.  Gemma Thomas-Ahyase, Alumna, CUNY

467.  Rachel Brown, Alumna, Grad Center

468. David Klassen, Faculty, BMCC

469. Lou Cornum, Alumni, Grad Center

470. Sarah Molinari, Student, Grad Center

471. Cindi Katz, Faculty, Grad Center

472. Karen E., Alumna, CUNY

473. Matthew Lau, Faculty, Queensborough Community College

474. Keith Miyake, Alumni, Grad Center

475. Melissa Minnich, Student, School of Labor and Urban Studies

476. Priscilla Bustamante, Student, Grad Center

477. David Kazanjian, Faculty Emeritus, Queens College and Grad Center

478. Carah A. Naseem, Alumna, Hunter College

479. Anthony Dest, Faculty, Lehman College

480. Mitra Rastegar, Alumna, Grad Center

481. Naomi Podber, Student, Grad Center

482. Dialika Sall, Faculty, Lehman College

483. Gemma Sharpe, Alumna, Grad Center

484. Laura E. Rivas, Student, Grad Center

485. Jennifer MacKenzie, Faculty, Lehman College

486. Shza Zaki, Student, City College

487. Bill Friedheim, Emeritus Faculty, BMCC

488. Katherine Hejtmanek, Faculty, Brooklyn College

489. Shza Zaki, Student, City College

490. Max Kirsch, Alumni, CUNY

491. Jarrettia Adams, Alumna, CUNY

492. Varnica Arora, Student, Grad Center

493. Ismael García Colón, Faculty, College of Staten Island

494. Goutam Gajula, Faculty, Brooklyn College

495. Jessie Stein, Student, Grad Center

496. Merle Ratner, Student, School of Labor and Urban Studies

497. John McMahon, Alumni, Grad Center

498. Stephanie Love, Faculty, Brooklyn College

499. Laura Matthews, Faculty, Brooklyn College

500. Lynn Horridge, Faculty, Brooklyn College

501. Esra Padgett, Student, Grad Center

502. James Biles, Faculty, City College and Grad Center

503. Christa Paterline, Faculty, Brooklyn College  

504. Tom Angotti, Emeritus Faculty, Hunter College and Grad Center

505. Lala Peñaranda, Staff, CUNY School for Urban and Labor Studies

506. Kazi Tejwar, Student, City College, USG Senator

507. Aiah Abdelmegid, Student, City College

508. Yasmine Awais, Student, Grad Center

509. Aysheh Barqawi, Student, Hunter College

510. Xhuli Agolli, Student, Grad Center

511. Bec Everett, Student, City College

512. Aiah Abdelmegid, Student, City College

513. Patricia Antoniello, Faculty, Brooklyn College

514. Kelsey Swift, Student, Grad Center

515. Oumar Siby, Student, Hunter College

516. Farzana Yasmin Samad, Alumni, Hunter College

517. Caroline K. Hong, Faculty, Queens College

518. Samreen, Student, Baruch College

519. Sham Habteselasse, Student, Grad Center

520. Julia Pressman, Alumni, Silberman School of Social Work

521. Sandra Goldstein Lehnert, Student, Grad Center

522. Nancy Stern, Faculty, City College

523. George De Stefano, Alumni, Hunter College School of Social Work

524. Shuhrat Jahan, Student, Hunter College

525. Preeti Sampat, Alumni

526. Rachel Valinsky, Student, Grad Center  

527. Galina Rudik, Alumni

528. Ammara Khan, Student

529. Sarah Benesch, Faculty, College of Staten Island

530. Nandini Bagchee, Faculty, City College

531. Juline Koken, Faculty, LaGuardia Community College

532. Victoria Frye, CUNY School of Medicine

533. Michelle Balon, Alumni, Hunter College

534. Kirsten Cole, Faculty, BMCC

535. Martha D, Alumni

536. Brian Prager, Faculty, BMCC

537. Ali C. Hocek, Faculty, City College

538. Sayem Shah, Student, City College

539. Nicole Bass, Student, City College

540. Hamees Gabr, Student, City College

541. Hajar Alrifai, Student, City College, Chair, Future Architects of the Middle East

542. Krystal Hernandez, Student, City College

543. Helen Kapstein, Faculty, John Jay

544. Helena Najm, Student, Grad Center

545. Sophia Monegro, Staff, City College

546, Gregory Sholette, Faculty, Queens College & Grad Center

547. Aidan Collins, Student, Brooklyn College

548. Ella Boureau, Student, Hunter College

549. Nada Elsayed, Student, City College  

550. Emma Hedditch, Faculty, College of Staten Island

551. Kristine Riley, Student, Grad Center

552. Michelle Fine, Faculty, Graduate Center

553. Zahra Khalid, Student, Grad Center

554. Ari Marcus, Student, Grad Center

555. Yasemin Ozer, Student, Grad Center

556. Leslie Epps, Student, City College

557. Chloë Bass, Faculty, Queens College/CUNY SPS

558. Ivana Đurović, Student, Grad Center

559. Nazija Akter, Student, Queens College, Macaulay Honors College, CUNY BA

560. Khadijah Razi, Student, Queens College

561. Matthew Whitley, Student, Grad Center

562. Silvia Rivera Alfaro, Student, Grad Center

563. Jenny Bueno, Student

564. Romaissae Barakat, Student, Queens College

565. Mahmoud Abouseria, Student, City College

566. Aneesah Saeed, Student, City College

567. Sara Pursley, Alumni, Grad Center

568. Aroma Munawar, Student, Queens College

569. Iman Bootan, Student, City College  

570. Grace McGrath, Student, City College

571. Talia Baurer, Student, CUNY School of Public Health

572. Suhaila Islam, Student, City College  

573. Josh Adler, Student, Grad Center

574. Aisha Butt, Student, City College

575. Muaad Alody, Staff, CUNY ASRC

576. Mariama Barry, Student

577. Laura Hooberman, Student, Grad Center

578. Hussamaldin Marzooq, Student, City College

579. Jeffrey Klein, Alumni, City College

580. David Almaleck Wolinsky, Alumni, City College

581. Subaita Tufayel, Student, City College

582. Frances Howell, Student, Grad Center

583. Shahera Uddin, Student, Hunter College  

584. Tanzeem Ajmiri, Student, Grad Center

585. Talia Sandwick, Student, Grad Center

586. Elina Vipul, Student, City College  

587. Insia Malik, Student, Grad Center

588. Thalia Alexandra Pandiri, Alumni, City College

589. Marc Ella Roy, Student, Hunter College/Macaulay Honors College

590. Omar Andron, Alumni, City College

591. Kiran Thadhani, Alumni, Baruch

592. Nada Elsayed, Student, City College  

593. Yusra, Student

594. Khizar Imran, Student, City College

595. Teresa Rodriguez, Student, Brooklyn College

596. Intisar Khatari, Student, York Collegei

597. Micaela Linder, Student, Graduate Center

598. Muhammad Sadiq, Alumni, City College

599. Asma Bibi, Student, City College

600. Marisa Tramontano, Faculty, John Jay

601. Alexandra O’Keefe, Student, City College

602. Mohammed Wajdi Abuzahrieh, Alumni, College of Staten Island

603. Raneen Abuzahrieh, Student

604. Hamza Shehadeh, Student, College of Staten Island

605. janeen abuzahrieh, Student, College of Staten Island

606. Muntaha Shehadeh, Student

607. Asala Abuzahrieh, Student, College of Staten Island

608. anamaría flores, Faculty, Hostos Community College

609. Nicholas Evangelos Levis, Faculty, Queens College

610. Dean Schafer, Student, Grad Center

611. Huma Siddiqi, Student, Lehman College

612. Vani Natarajan, Student, Queens College

613. nicholas gamso, Alumni, CUNY

614. Sara Ahmed, Alumna, CUNY

615. Sarah Aly, Alumna, Brooklyn College

616. Toby Irving, Student, Grad Center

617.  Cary Fitzgerald, Student, Grad Center

618. Sara Hanaburgh , Alumna, Grad Center

619. Sirat Zafar, Student, Queens College

620. Shiza Iqbal, Student, Hunter College

621. Fiza Iqbal, Student, Queens College  

622. Elizabeth Sternfield Axtell, Alumni, Brooklyn College

623. Danica Savonick, Alumni, Grad Center  

624. Muntaha Shehadeh, Student

625. Justin Nin, Student, City College

626. Momina Mim, Student, Queens College

627. Aisha Raheel, Alumni, Grad Center

628. Ali Shehadeh, Student, College of Staten Island

629. Mallak Abuzahrieh, Student, NYC College of Technology

630. Grace Davie, Faculty, Queens College

631. Nazifa Taha, Student, City College

632. Kayan, Student, College of Staten Island

633. merjan abuzahrieh, Student, College of Staten Island

634. Sonia A. Sánchez, Student, Grad Center

635. Issam Aburaya, Faculty, Baruch College

636. Esma Esa, Student, City College

637. Colin Pitet, Student, Grad Center

638. Josh Fraidstern, Alumni, Hunter College

639. Matthew Block, Student, Grad Center

640. Miriam M Gabriel, Alumna, Grad Center

641. Paul Elitzik, Alumni, City College

642. Shezza Abboushi Dallal, Alumna, CUNY Law

643. Ricky Huang, Alumni, Queensborough Community College

644. Terr Weber, Alumni, Grad Center

645. Bob Hoffman, Alumni, City College

646. Christopher A. Renaud, Alumni, City College

647. esther farmer, Alumni, Brooklyn College

648. Nick Welna, Student, Grad Center

649. Pamela Sporn, Alumni, Hunter College

650. Alyson Bardsley, Faculty, College of Staten Island

651. Michelle Billies, Faculty, Kingsborough Community College

652. Tiffany Wheatland-Disu, Faculty, John Jay College

653. Theresa L. C. Hammonds, Staff, Hostos Community College

654. Dema Innab, Student, Brooklyn College

655. John W Harbeson, Faculty Emeritus

656. Ayia Mustafa, Student, City College

657. Rayanne Ahmad, Student, City College

658. Michael T Martin, Alumni, City College

659. Travis R Sweatte, Faculty, Medgar Evers College

660. Craig Bernardini, Faculty, Hostos Community College

661. Husam Kaid, Student, City College

662. Hebh Jamal, Student, City College

663. Aisha Raheel, Alumni, Grad Center

664. Dereck Norville-Bowie, Staff, Hostos Community College

665. María Torre, Faculty, Grad Center

666. William Suarez II Gomez, Faculty, Hostos Community College

667. Joan Beckerman, Faculty, Hostos Community College  

668. Pilar Ortiz, Alumni, Grad Center

669. Frantzy Luzincourt, Alumni, City College

670. Zoya Ahmed, Alumni, Baruch College

671. Ariel Federow, Student, CUNY Law School

672. Safa Javid, Student, Queens College

673. Leila Talhouk, Student, City College

674. Amy Alpert, Alumni, Lehman College

675. Arwa Najeeb, Student, City College

676. Sydney Baker, Student, John Jay College

677. Mica Tuccillo, Student, Grad Center  

678. Therese Todd, Student, Grad Center and John Jay College

679. Nawal Muradwij, Student, John Jay College

670. Lily Fremaux, Student, City College

671. Bronislaw Czarnocha, Faculty, Hostos Community College

672. Abhit Pal, Alumni, City College

673. Murshedur shahy, Student, City College

674. Alexandra L Mlisom, Faculty, Hostos Community College

675. Melissa Gordillo-Gomez, Alumni, City College

676. Sandy Figueroa, Faculty, Hostos Community College

677. Melvin Huffnagle, Faculty, Hostos Community College

678. Mohamed, Alumni, City College

679. Sara Rutkowski, Faculty, Kingsborough Community College

680. Richard Nasser, Alumni, City College

681. Jenn Nina, Alumni, Hunter College

682. Agnes Eshak, Student, Grad Center

683. Shafiq Majdalawieh, Alumni, CUNY

684. Rachel Cholst, Staff, CUNY

685. B Taylor, Alumni, CUNY Law

686. Hebah  Jihad, Student, City College

687. Judah Rubin, Student, Grad Center

688. Salheya Hadabbeh, Student, City College

689. Soheli Chowdhury, Faculty, Hostos Community College

690. Erika Kielsgard, Faculty, Brooklyn College & NYC College of Technology

691. Nancy Stern, Faculty, City College

692. Sandra Ibrahim, Student, City College

693. Lizette Colón, Faculty, Hostos Community College

694. Haris Khan, Alumni, City College and former CUNY Trustee

694. Batool Chaudhry, Alumni, Queens College

695. Michael aponte, Student, Hunter College

696. Eric Lott, Faculty, Grad Center

697. Waleed Qadri, Alumni, City College

698. Josef Waples, Student, CUNY

699. Hamzeh, Alumni, City College

700. Lauren Wolf, Faculty, Hostos Community College

701. Bethany Testerman, Alumni, City College

702. Ghina Abi-Ghannam, Student, Grad Center

703. Nonya Khedr, Student, City College

704. Hadil Sarrar, Alumni, City College

705. Yhanna Basora, Student, City College

706. Michael Cisco, Faculty, Hostos Communuty College

707. Kristopher Burrell, Faculty, Hostos Community College

708. kayan, Student, College of Staten Island

709. Lena Dabsheh, Alumni, Lehman College

710. Fatimah Khwaja, Student, CUNY

711. Mahdi Alkaifi, Student, City College

712. Melanie Nunez, Student, City College

713.  Linda Luu, Alumni, Hunter College

714. Mohammed Mahiraj, Alumni, Hunter College

715. Maria del Carmen Inda Garcia, Faculty, Hostos Community College

716. Alaa Mustafa, Student, City College

717. Camila Thomas, Student, City College

718. Saleem Shehadeh, Student, College of Staten Island

719. Aiah Abdelmegid, Student, City College  

720. Ramisha Hiah, Student, City College  

721. Stuart Parker, Faculty, Kingsborough Community College

722. Allen Espinal, Student, John Jay College

723. Michael Kramer, Alumni, City College  

724. Valeria Olaya, Student, City College  

725. Jafnun Suhrawardhy, Student, Hunter College

726. Shahriar Zim, Student, City College

727. Briana Dobra, Student, City Tech

728. Sakhma Bolz, Alumni, Hunter College

729. Mehrose Naeem, Student, City College

730. Omaid noome, Student, City College

731. Abdulla Saleh, Student, Lehman College

732. Robby Tiburzi , Student, Baruch College

733. Luis De Los Santos, Student, Hunter College

734. Farhana Haque, Alumni, Brooklyn College  

735. Syeda Tasnim, Alumni, CUNY Law School

736. Sara Catalinotto, Alumni, Hunter College

737. Farhan Haider, Student, Brooklyn College  

738. Violet Nash Greenberg, Student, City College

739. Gail Miller, Alumni, Hunter School of Social Work

740. Matthew Barry Johnson, Faculty, John Jay College

741. Nawal Tahir, Student, Hunter College

742. Natasha Lorca Yannacanedo, Faculty, Hostos Community College

743. Divine Ndombo, Student, City College

744. Sophia Longsworth, Faculty, Hostos Community College

745. Khadidja Guessoum, Student, City College

746. Vivian Lim, Faculty, Guttman Community College

747. Wendy Fisher, Alumni, City College

748. Amy Larimer, Faculty, Lehman College

749. Jasmine Perez, Student, City College

750. Pamela Jean Stemberg, Faculty, Hostos Community College / City College

751. Sofina Tanni, Student, City College

752. Richard Lufrano, Faculty, College of Staten Island

753. Andrew Shapiro, Student, Grad Center

754. Dena Fisher, Alumni, Queens College

755. Adam Katzman, Student, CUNY

756. Jeremy Rayner, Alumni, Grad Center

757. Nisma Hussein, Student, Hunter College

758. Anne Talamas, Alumni, Grad Center

759. Sarah Shalan, Student, Hunter College

760. Rida Ahmed, Student, Hunter College / Macaulay Honors College

761. Salma Benitez, Student, Hunter College

762. Maryclaire Fernandes, Student, Queens College

763. Dua Ahmed, Student, Hunter College

764. Ellen Dichner, Faculty, School of Labor and Urban Studies

765. Arman Ullah, Student, City College

766. Naeela Djemil, Student, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

767. Yoosuf Siddiqui, Student, City College  

768. Tasnim Islam, Alumni, CUNY

769. Stephanie Love, Faculty, Brooklyn College

770. Leo Glassman, Student, Hunter College

771. Anam Tahir, Student, CUNY

772. Nico Castilho, Student, Hunter College / Macaulay Honors College

773. Tasmina Khair, Alumni, Lehman College

774. Jamila Jahangir, Alumni, Brooklyn College

775. Shadia Marji, Staff, CUNY

Organizational Endorsements:

  1. Anti-Racist Coalition, Brooklyn College
  2. Arabic Program, Hunter College
  3. Brooklyn College Anthropology Club
  4. Brooklyn College International Business Association
  5. The Center for the Study of Women and Society, Graduate Center
  6. CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies
  7. Colombian Studies Group, Graduate Center
  8. Critical Palestine Studies Association, Graduate Center
  9. CUNY for Abolition and Safety
  10. CUNY for Palestine
  11. Department of Women and Gender Studies, Hunter College
  12. Free CUNY!
  13. Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA), CUNY Law School
  14. Jewish Voice For Peace – New York
  15. Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
  16. Muslim Students Association of Hunter College
  17. Occupy Bergen County (NJ)
  18. Palestine Solidarity Alliance of Hunter College
  19. Postcolonial Studies Group, Graduate Center
  20. Queens College Black Lives Matter
  21. The Public Science Project, Graduate Center
  22. Puerto Rican Alliance of Brooklyn College
  23. Rank and File Action (RAFA)
  24. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
  25. Student Government of CUNY School of Law
  26. Students for Justice in Palestine at Brooklyn College

Non-CUNY Supporters:

  1. Sheetal Chhabria, Associate Professor, Connecticut College
  2. Junaid Khan, Business
  3. Saumya Pandey, PhD candidate, CMI, Norway & University of Ghent, Belgium
  4. Allison Brown, NYU alum, Brooklyn-based academic editor
  5. Amir Moosavi, Faculty Rutgers University-Newark
  6. Dina Ramadan, Faculty, Bard College
  7. Shehla Khan , Faculty, Keele University
  8. Nadine Zubair, Staff, University of East Anglia
  9. Elizabeth M Holt, Faculty, Bard College
  10. Reem Khurshid
  11. Winnie Lem, Faculty, Trent University
  12. Goldie Osuri, University of Warwick, UK
  13. Graham L. Carter, SLU
  14. Vasuki Nesiah, Faculty, NYU
  15. Albina Islam
  16. Fareed Qureshi, Writer
  17. Rubina saigol, Women Action Forum Pakistan
  18. Huma Dar, Faculty, California College of the Arts
  19. Fahad Maral
  20. Shabana Mir, Faculty, American Islamic College
  21. Sherene Seikaly, Faculty, UCSB
  22. Fatima Anwar, Lawyer, Engage Foundation
  23. Touseef Mir, Postgraduate Researcher
  24. Hanan Kashou , Faculty, Rutgers University New Brunswick
  25. Azra Talat Sayeed, Activist, Roots for Equity, Pakistan
  26. Nusrat Jamil
  27. Debashree Mukherjee, Faculty, Columbia University
  28. George D Baca, Faculty, Dong-A University, Busan, South Korea
  29. Marzia Raza , Student, University of Osnabrück, Germany
  30. Arif
  31. Sheema Kermani, Artist, Tehrik-e-Niswan
  32. Koenraad Bogaert, Faculty, Ghent University
  33. Fahad Desmukh
  34. Deborah Mutnick, Professor of English
  35. Mahvish Ahmad, Faculty, London School of Economics
  36. Amira Pierce, Faculty, New York University
  37. Olga Touloumi, Bard College
  38. Sarah Rogers, Faculty, Middlebury College
  39. Shefali Chandra, Faculty, Washington University in St. Louis
  40. Omar Cheta, Faculty, Bard College
  41. Jasbir K. Puar, Rutgers University
  42. George Aumoithe, Faculty, SUNY-Stony Brook
  43. Lara Deeb, Faculty, Scripps College
  44. Angela Ting, Graduate Teaching Assistant, UIUC
  45. Gloria Walsh
  46. Rebecca Ruth Gould, Faculty, University of Birmingham
  47. Mosad Abouelrigal
  48. Kirsten Scheid, Faculty, The American University of Beirut
  49. Sahada Musah
  50. Lakshmi Krishnamurty
  51. Rohini Hensman, Writer and Researcher
  52. Fefa Vila Núñez,  Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) – Spain
  53. Karim Malak, Student, Columbia University
  54. Layli Uddin, Research Fellow, King’s College London
  55. Mustafa Ziyalan
  56. Chandana Mathur, Faculty, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
  57. Mahmoud Moaz
  58. Amy Lang, Professor Emerita, Syracuse University
  59. Anna Bernard, Faculty, King’s College London
  60. Nader Mohamed, Medical Student, SUNY Downstate
  61. Nada Shabout, Faculty, University of North Texas
  62. Elizabeth Bishop, Faculty, Texas State University
  63. Nidhin
  64. Aisha al-Adawiya, Founder, Women In Islam Inc
  65. Dina Mahnaz Siddiqi, NYU
  66. Muhammed Shah Shajahan, Student, Virginia Tech University
  67. Shela Sheikh, Faculty, University of London, UK
  68. Cindy Hwang
  69. Nicolas Linnert, Editor and Writer
  70. Habib Malik
  71. Jessica Coffrin-St. Julien, Student, NYU Law
  72. Dianne Ramdeholl, Faculty, SUNY Empire State College
  73. Brenda Biddle, Faculty, Adelphi University
  74. Darlene Dubuisson, Faculty, University of Pittsburgh
  75. Neha Sood
  76. Svenn Grant
  77. Hyunjee N. Kim
  78. Marie Boti, Filmmaker, Vice-Chair of the International Women’s Alliance
  79. Dr. Ilham Almahamid  
  80. Majd Jauhary
  81. Dr. Halima Bakillah
  82. Sonia Alland
  83. Alaa Muhiddin
  84. Hala Qasem
  85. Alaa Muhiddin  
  86. Ana Amélia Trajano
  87. Josemi Sawczuk Buehler
  88. Jamal Mir
  89. Maisha Sarker, Student, St. John’s University
  90. Racha Kouka
  91. Amira Eltahir
  92. Sarah Mohamed Ali
  93. Sara Elroubi  
  94. Haneen Qasem
  95. Vange
  96. Tony Lofaso
  97. Carissa Rodriguez, Artist
  98. Danielle Elefant
  99. Heena Jessa
  100. Patricia Alessandrini, Bergen County Green Party
  101. Maliha Tahrin
  102. Omar Jabary Salamanca, Research Fellow, ULB
  103. Peter Belmont
  104. Hubert M. Reiter
  105. Clarence Carey
  106. Roba Ofili
  107. Steve Naidamast
  108. Jacques Levy
  109. Harry M Edwards jr
  110. Suhana Rauthar  
  111. Umayah messar, WSU student
  112. Shamyla Tayyiba  
  113. Sadaf Qurashi, Incoming City College Freshman
  114. Lauren Fariello
  115. Muhammad Elsabbal, President, UConn Hartford MSA
  116. Shahad Alhassan
  117. Debbie Dwyer
  118. Thallgeea Shihadeh
  119. Mostafa Embabi
  120. Tarianne Cambronne
  121. Khabir John McGeehan, Imam
  122. Josh Stacher, Faculty, Kent State University
  123. Rainer Turim, Student, Bard College
  124. Dr. Edwin E. Daniel, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta
  125. Lubna Ockeh
  126. Ronald B. McGuire, Esq.
  127. Ward Jamal
  128. Rodney Harris
  129. Charles Stone, Architect
  130. Anna Ty
  131. Janice Coles
  132. Zeinab Abdel-Rahman, Parent of a CUNY student
  133. Mowz Fatih
  134. Steve Daniels
  135. Lazaro Mohamed
  136. Ahmed Hussein
  137. Savita Muralitharan, NJIT Student
  138. Iisme Hass
  139. Miki Inoue  
  140. Destinee Perez Palomino
  141. hervé courtois