28 July, Webinar: #DefundRacism with the Good Shepherd Collective

Wednesday, 28 July
9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern
Register to join: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0rd-ysrjsqEtAsVxU4eIelOn1UN12zN0ZL

Join the Justice for Palestine committee of the Syracuse Peace Council and the Good Shepherd Collective for a private webinar about a new campaign to defund “charitable” NY-based settler organizations harming Palestinian communities.

We are looking to build a coalition of organizations in New York state to pressure NYS Attorney General Letitia James to open investigations into the tax-exempt status of several organizations that directly sponsor Israeli settler-colonialism in Palestine and violence against Palestinians. We are supporting Palestinian organizations on the ground who have initiated this campaign, particularly the Good Shepherd Collective. Currently, we are making a soft push around a petition to investigate the Hebron Fund and sharing information about settler orgs via social media while we map out the broader public campaign aimed at multiple settler organizations.

Join us to learn more about the role of settler organizations in maintaining Israeli apartheid, how we plan to move forward with the campaign, and how you can be involved.