11 September, Derry, Ireland: Stand with Palestinian Prisoners

Saturday, 11  September
3 pm
Free Derry Corner
Derry, Ireland
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/353587639819469
Organized by Derry Branch of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

RIGHT NOW Palestinian prisoners in the Naqab and Rimon prisons are leading an uprising against collective punishment and the cruelty of the Israeli prison system. They have been met with unprecedented violence, with the Israeli military entering the prison to quell the protests.

Palestinian prisoners are face to face with the worst and most inhumane of the state’s military excess. We are inspired by their fight for freedom in the face of extreme brutality. Freedom for Palestinian prisoners! Freedom for all prisoners!

Join with Derry Branch of Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign to show solidarity with all Palestinian Prisoners at Free Derry Corner on Saturday, 11th September at 3pm.