25 January, Copenhagen: Premiere of “Fedayin – Georges Abdallah’s Fight”

Tuesday, 25 January
7 pm
Husets Biograf
Entrance 75 Kr.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/402737604962868
Organized by the Internationalt Forum

Internationalt Forum KBH invites you all to the premiere in Denmark of the movie Fedayin – Georges Abdallahs fight. Fedayin means ‘freedom fighter’ and the movie tells the story about the Lebanese freedom fighter Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. He joined the Palestinian struggle for freedom with his organization the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions (LARF). In 1984 he was arrested and has been imprisoned in France for more than 37 years, in spite of the fact that he was eligible for release in 1999 and was granted parole in 2003. This parole was withheld after intervention by the USA.

The documentary lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes and takes us through the struggle of Georges told by his brother, activists from Samidoun Palestinian prisoner solidarity network and other political prisoners. It tells the story about Abdallahs struggle and the antiimperialist struggle, with the Palestinian cause in the center. The documentary is told mostly in Arabic and French, and there will be English subtitles.

After the screening there will be a zoom conversation with Collectif Palestine Vaincra, the local Palestine solidarity group in Toulouse, close to where Georges Abdallah is imprisoned, who are amongst the leading voices in the Free Georges Abdallah campaign.

6–7 pm: The café is open
7-8.20 pm: Screening of the movie
8.20-9 pm: Zoom discussion with Collectif Palestine Vaincra

Tickets cost 75 kr. and should be bought in advance via mobilepay “IF Kbh Cinema”, MobilePay number: 4161NA. Write you name + Fedayin when paying, e.g.: “Anne Hansen Fedayin”.

We will follow the public Covid restrictions and recommendations, so make sure to have corona passports and wear face masks while standing. If the event should get cancelled due to Covid restrictions, you will get your tickets refunded.

The movie is produced by the french collective Vacarmes Films, and is part of a broader campaign to free Georges Abdallah.