11 March, Berlin: Rally: we must defend our freedom of speech for Palestine

Rally: we must defend our freedom of speech
On Friday 11.03.2022 at 10am
Kirchstraße 6, 10557 Berlin

The trial of Palestinian writer Khaled Barakat will be heard in a German court on March 11, 2022. Barakat is fighting the political ban imposed on him by the Berlin immigration office to participate in political and social events and activities, and the order to expel him from the country for four years. Barakat was deported from Germany in August 2019 and has filed an appeal against the immigration authority’s action.

Khaled Barakat’s trial is not an isolated case; it is part of the systematic attack on Palestinian organizing, political expression and freedom in Germany. Germany hosts one of the largest Palestinian communities in Europe, but its official policies not only support the Zionist colonization of Palestine, but also crack down on Palestinian and pro-Palestinian expression in Germany.