27 March, Gothenburg: Palestinian Land Day Demonstration

Sunday, 27 March
3:00 pm
Gothenburg, Sweden
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/s/palestinska-jordens-dag/685681592580229/

The Palestinian Coordination Group In Gothenburg is calling for a demonstration to draw attention to the Day of the Land, Sunday 27 March at 15:00.

The demonstration starts from Brunnsparken in front of Johannastatyn to Järntorget The event will include various short speeches and cultural events at the gathering places.

Every year, March 30, the Day of the Land is commemorated in Palestine.

On March 30, 1976, protests against the theft of Palestinian land were met by sharp fire from the Israeli army. Many Palestinians were killed, injured and arrested. Since then, the Day of the Land has been marked in Palestine, and around the world, with actions in support of the right to land.

The Spartacus Choir and part of the Motval Choir. saxophone: Kjell Johansson piano: Stefan Almqvist at Brunnsparken at 15:15.
World Music Culture Club, David Bäck – vocals – piano, Suad Al Roubi vocals and Yazan Hassoun vocals and guitar at Järntorget Kl. 16:15.