9 October, NYC: Solidarity With Palestine Action and the Elbit Eight Rally

WHAT: Solidarity With Palestine Action and the Elbit Eight Rally
WHEN: Sun, Oct 09 at 2pm
WHERE: 200 Park Ave, NY, NY, at East 45th St.

Come through and show your support for the activists physically confronting the Zionist war machine

On Monday October 10th eight activists from Palestine Action (@pal_action) known as the #ElbitEight will be facing down the zionist entity’s largest arms manufacturer – Elbit Systems – in the courts as they stand trial on trumped up political charges in the UK for putting their bodies on the line and carrying out direct action protests to disrupt Elbit’s operations and #ShutElbitDown.

In the last 24 hours alone, four activists from Palestine Action shut down a factory for 9 hours after locking themselves to a car at the front gate, in the latest act of confrontation and disruption with the zionist war machine in the UK. From the UK to Palestine the people continue to resist by any means necessary! 🇵🇸

Join us in NYC next Sunday October 9th the day before their trial begins as we take to the streets to stand in solidarity with the #EblitEight and protest against the financial institutions in NYC that are invested in Elbit and profiting off of the ongoing genocide of the Palestine people.

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Organized by Samidoun NY/NJ, Within Our Lifetime and the Palestinian Youth Movement