17 November, London: Boycott M&S! Free all Palestinian Political Prisoners!

6.30pm, Thursday 17 November.
M&S Oxford Street, WC1 1AP.
FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1745289842516958/

Boycott M&S, Britain’s longest & strongest commercial backer of Israeli occupation of Palestine! Join our picket of the flagship M&S store on Oxford Street, London.

This month, Palestinians held by Israel without charge or trial – so-called “administrative detention” – concluded a 19-day hunger strike. The political prisoners declared their action “a cry of rejection and intifada”. Administrative detention, as described by them, “steals lives as well as land and history”. In the RCG’s latest call for a solidarity picket of M&S, we demand the release of the 800 people held under administrative detention, and of all the over 4,650 Palestinians politically imprisoned by Israel and in complicit and imperialist countries.

Britain’s attacks on Palestine predate even the establishment of the occupying Israeli state – British imperialism enables the oppression, murder, detention and torture of Palestinians. In 2022 alone, Israel killed at least 120 Palestinians, imprisoning more than 2,000.

The working class in Britain must stand with emboldened Palestinian resistance in their struggle, fighting back in Britain to break all ties with Israel, oppose racist Zionist ideology and Britain’s imperialist ruling class.

Victory to the Intifada!
Revolutionary Communist Group – Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!
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