Updated Schedule of Events: International Campaign to Liberate the Remains of Palestinian Martyrs

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Join us to take action between 11 and 18 March to demand the release of the remains of Palestinian martyrs held in the Zionist occupation’s morgues and “numbers cemeteries.” This week of action aims to combat the Palestinian, Arab and international official silence and neglect of this critical issue and internationalize the struggle to free these imprisoned martyrs and end the collective punishment of Palestinian families and communities.

There are 256 Palestinian martyrs whose bodies are documented to be held in the “numbers cemeteries,” where Palestinians are buried with numbers, rather than their names, while another 131 Palestinian martyrs’ bodies are held in the occupation’s morgues.

These martyrs gave their lives in the Palestinian resistance movement, and their bodies remain imprisoned even after their death. A number of the martyrs were imprisoned before their death, and this battle remains an integral part of the Palestinian prisoners’ movement.

We announce the launch of an ongoing, open international campaign to release the remains of the Palestinian martyrs that continue to be detained by the Zionist occupation. 11 March through 18 March 2023 are days of action and struggle to recover the Palestinian martyrs’ remains. As 18 March also marks an International Prisoners’ Day, we also highlight that our martyrs in the morgues and the “numbers cemeteries” are also prisoners of the Zionist project. 

The occupation pursues a fascist policy in its treatment of the Palestinian and Arab martyrs. By refusing to give their families the opportunity to bury their loved ones, the occupation uses the remains of the martyrs as a mechanism for psychological torture of their families by detaining them for years and using them as a card for negotiation with the Palestinian resistance.

The Palestinian people have made clear that this barbaric policy will never “deter” Palestinian youth from taking part in the resistance. These martyrs remain prisoners of the occupation even after death, and their families and the Palestinian people as a whole have every right to liberate, honour and bury them in ceremonies worthy of the sacrifices they made for the cause of Palestine, for return and liberation.

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Days of Action:

Below are the events for each day throughout the week! We encourage you to schedule events and actions on any day during the week, regardless of theme or topic, focusing on the Liberation of Palestinian Prisoners and Martyrs. We also present a schedule of the events we know of taking place during the week.

The speakers in the online seminars are parents and family members of martyrs whose remains are withheld by the zionist occupation. Join us and listen to their stories and learn more about the morgues, cemetries of numbers, children martyrs still in the hands of the occupation, the legal struggle to retrieve the remains, the martyrs in the prisoners movement, and much more. English translation will be provided.

Hold an event: You can organize stands and demonstrations, prepare seminars, distribute leaflets and hang posters, and send your activities to samidoun@samidoun.net or to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.


Rally demanding the retrieval of the remains of the Martyrs
Nablus, Palestine
In front of the red cross office
12 midday Jerusalem time


Rally demanding the liberation of the remains of Palestinian martyrs in the morgues and “cemetries of Numbers”
Cologne, Germany
At 2 p.m. CET
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Online seminar
Cemeteries of Numbers – Palestine’s martyrs imprisoned by the occupation
مقابر الأرقام – شهداء فلسطين في قبضة الاحتلال
At 7 p.m. Jerusalem time
Meeting ID: 858 2440 6823
Passcode: 332440

Seminar in Cologne
The Struggle of the Palestinian, Turkish and Kurdish Prisoners Movements
Followed by an intervention by the sister the imprisoned martyr Bilal Rawajbeh
Kalk-Mülheimer Str 124
51103 Köln, Germany
At 4 p.m. CET
For more information


Online seminar
Birds in Paradise and prisoners under the soil – the remains of our martyred children
طيور في الجنة و أسرى تحت التراب – رفات أطفالنا الشهداء
At 7 p.m. Jerusalem time
Meeting ID: 829 5711 8542
Passcode: 457088


Online seminar
The legal struggle to free the imprisoned martyrs
المعركة القانونية في قضية الجثامين المحتجزة
At 7 p.m. Jerusalem time
Meeting ID: 841 2266 1614
Passcode: 063571


Online seminar
Bodies frozen, awaiting spring – Our martyrs in the morgues of the occupation
أجسادٌ في الصقيع بانتظار الربيع – شهداؤنا في ثلاجات الاحتلال
At 7 p.m. Jerusalem time
Meeting ID: 870 8375 4781
Passcode: 169695


Online seminar
From one cell to another – the martyrs of the prisoners movement
عمرين في زنزانتين – شهداء الحركة الأسيرة
At 7 p.m. Jerusalem time
Meeting ID: 850 0574 2322
Passcode: 805836

Seminar in Berlin
Karanfil at 7pm CET


Demo in Köln
International Day of Political Prisoners
Cologne, Berlin
At 2 p.m. CET
For more Information

Demo in Berlin
International Day of Political Prisoners
At 3 p.m. CET