Palestinian prisoners under attack: Ahmad Sa’adat, Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh, Walid Hanatsheh transferred to isolation

Palestinian prisoner leaders are once again under attack inside occupation prisons today, as Zionist repressive forces invaded sections 5 and 7 of Ramon prison and transferred three prominent Palestinian prisoners to solitary confinement and potential interrogation in an unidentified location: Ahmad Sa’adat, the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; and fellow PFLP leaders Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh and Walid Hanatsheh (also a member of the Higher Emergency Committee of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement).

On the morning of Monday, 8 May, repressive forces stormed Sa’adat, Abu Ghoulmeh, and Hanatsheh’s rooms, ransacking their items and seizing the three imprisoned leaders. The attacks have met with widespread condemnation and the immediate response of fellow Palestinian political prisoners.

Immediately following the news of the invasion, the PFLP prisoners in the occupation prisons began banging on the windows and bars of the prison rooms and refusing to stand or come out for the roll call or number check that takes place repeatedly during the day, reported the Handala Center for Prisoners and Former Prisoners.

Awad al-Sultan, speaking in Gaza for the PFLP’s prisoners’ affairs office, said that the attack on Sa’adat, Abu Ghoulmeh and Hanatsheh is part and parcel of a “widespread Zionist attack targeting male and female prisoners in the occupation jails, the continuing policy of medical neglect and slow execution of dozens of sick prisoners, led by the very ill prisoner Walid Daqqah, who is in a serious health condition in an occupation hospital amid a media blackout,” urging widespread action to support the prisoners. “Support for the prisoners and responding to the crimes of the Zionist jailer against them requires the broadest popular participation in all events and actions in support of the prisoners, and escalating the resistance against the occupation and the settlers.” He denounced the silence and inaction of international human rights institutions and the International Committee of the Red Cross, saying that they “must assume their responsibilities…the silence of these institutions toward the crimes against our prisoners is tantamount to participation and complicity in these crimes.”

The Hamas movement issued a statement, saying that the transfer and isolation of Sa’adat and his comrades “would not break their will and the will of our heroic prisoners.” The movement “warned the occupation of the repercussions of its fascist policies and its systematic violations and crimes against our heroic prisoners, and we hold it fully responsible for their lives and safety. We affirm that their cause will remain the cause of the entire Palestinian people, who will not leave them, and will remain with the resistance in a covenant of loyalty until they gain their freedom.”

The attack on Sa’adat, Abu Ghoulmeh and Hanatsheh came amid a wide-ranging Zionist media campaign against the PFLP and fellow Palestinian resistance forces.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network denounces the attack on Sa’adat, Abu Ghoulmeh, Hanatsheh and all Palestinian prisoners. The targeting of specific leading prisoners is an ongoing practice used by the Israeli occupation regime against multiple Palestinian political forces. It aims to disrupt and undermine the Palestinian prisoners’ movement, its organizing and ongoing resistance leadership. We urge all friends of Palestine to speak out against the ongoing attacks against the Palestinian prisoners and escalate the calls for their liberation and for the liberation of Palestine, especially as we organize for events in the coming week in commemoration of the ongoing Nakba. 

Some posters for the campaign for Ahmad Sa’adat are below that can be included in these actions!

Free Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners, freedom for Palestine, from the river to the sea! 

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