Palestinian prisoners’ movement demands freedom for Walid Daqqah, escalates struggle to end administrative detention

In a new statement released by the Higher Emergency Committee of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement, the unified leadership body representing the Palestinian prisoners in occupation jails, the prisoners’ movement declared an escalation of struggle to confront the policy of administrative detention, imprisonment without charge or trial. As administrative detention orders are indefinitely renewable, Palestinians routinely spend years at a time jailed without even the pretext of a trial in a Zionist military court.

In addition, the prisoners’ movement highlighted the case of Walid Daqqah, the imprisoned freedom fighter and intellectual suffering from a rare cancer and subjected to Israeli medical neglect. Daqqah’s appeal for release was just denied and referred to yet another committee on 31 May, despite even the prison administration’s medical report noting that he is critically ill and not expected to survive, especially if he is not freed to receive necessary treatment. The next hearing for his release will take place on Thursday, 18 June, a delay of nearly three weeks. Daqqah has been imprisoned since 1986, and his sentence expired in March of this year; he is now being held on a two-year additional sentence for allegedly seeking to smuggle a mobile phone into prison.

The prisoners’ statement follows:

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful;

A statement issued by the Higher National Emergency Committee of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement to announce the formation of the Administrative Prisoners’ Committee

O masses of our great people, O free people of the world, Palestinian greetings.

With loyalty to the martyr Khader Adnan, and in rejection of the unjust policy of administrative detention that steals the lives of the detained children of Palestine, and with the increase in the frequency of this detention to levels that have become intolerable, bringing the number of administrative prisoners today to 1,083 detainees in the prisons of the occupation; and to organize the ranks of administrative detainees to confront this policy, it was decided to form a special committee for administrative prisoners emanating from the Higher National Emergency Committee. The Higher Committee in turn worked, and is still working, to organize a movement to confront administrative detention, culminating in an open collective hunger strike, the date of which and the number of participants to be announced in the coming days.

To our heroic people, with the imminent announcement of the prisoners’ movement’s strike to confront administrative detention, we emphasize the following:

First, your support for this strike is a victory for the martyr Khader Adnan, and it is raising the alarm so as to not repeat the crime of execution against any prisoner on hunger strike.

Second, all legal, human rights and media institutions inside and outside Palestine must live up to their responsibility to confront this unjust detention and to support the administrative detainees in their struggle against this criminal policy.

Third, in light of the sharp deterioration of the imprisoned intellectual Walid Daqqah’s health and the occupation prison administration’s refusal to release him, we call upon our people and all the free people of the world to launch the largest campaign of solidarity with our heroic prisoner Walid Daqqah, and to pressure the occupation to release him before it is too late.

Glory to the martyrs, freedom to the prisoners, and healing to the wounded

Victory for our people and our nation

The Higher National Emergency Committee for the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement

Sunday 15 Dhul Qi’dah 1444 AH
Corresponding to 4 June 2023 AD

This statement came as the Prisoners’ Committee of the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces opened a solidarity tent in Gaza City, in front of the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross, in support of Walid Daqqah and demanding his immediate release. This is the latest in a series of actions taking place throughout occupied Palestine, from Gaza to Ramallah to al-Khalil to Baqa’a al-Gharbiyeh, Daqqah’s hometown in occupied Palestine ’48.

Daqqah’s wife, Sana Salameh, and their daughter Milad — conceived through smuggled sperm — have been present at events and actions throughout Palestine, campaigning tirelessly for their husband and father’s release.

On Friday, 2 June, the Collectif Palestine Vaincra, a member organization of the Samidoun Network, held a Palestine Stand in Toulouse, France, in support of Daqqah, while on 3 June, Samidoun Vancouver organized a solidarity action together with several community organizations.

Photo: Michael Y.C. Tseng

Take action to save the life of Walid Daqqah and defeat the Zionist policy of assassination through medical neglect. We urge Palestinian communities around the world and supporters of Palestine to include the campaign to free Walid Daqqah in your events and activities for Palestine and to organize actions and events demanding his immediate liberation and that of all Palestinian prisoners. Use the signs at the link below in your actions and campaigns, and send us your photos on FacebookInstagram and Twitter or via email at

Download posters for local events and read more about the life and struggle of Walid Daqqah here.