Copenhagen mural demands freedom for Amin Abu Rashed, Palestinian political prisoner in the Netherlands

Salim Assi, Palestinian artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark, painted a new mural on the streets of Copenhagen to demand freedom for Amin Abu Rashed, the Palestinian community leader and political prisoner jailed in the Netherlands for his humanitarian support for Palestinians under occupation and in the refugee camps.

Abu Rashed has been jailed since 22 June amid a wide-ranging Zionist smear campaign targeting him and his work that has escalated in recent months, although it has persisted for decades. For the past 30 years, he has become one of the most prominent Palestinian activists in the Netherlands, working with Palestijnse Gemeenschap in Nederland (“Palestinian Community in the Netherlands”) and het Palestijnse Huis (“the Palestinian House”). He has built strong ties with the international solidarity movement with Palestine, and has been especially involved in campaigns to break the siege on Gaza, including the Freedom Flotilla of boats challenging the siege.

He also serves as president of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, which most recently drew thousands of people to attend its May 2023 conference in Malmö, Sweden — a conference that was subjected to a massive propaganda campaign by Zionist and Swedish right-wing forces because it emphasized Palestinians’ right to return and the liberation of Palestine.

In the Netherlands, politicians from right-wing and Christian fundamentalist parties have brought this Zionist propaganda into parliament over the years. Now, the public prosecutor is accusing Amin Abu Rashed of “supporting terrorism” — and referring to these media smear campaigns as a reason to keep him in pretrial detention.

Assi’s work has drawn attention to Palestinian political prisoners in the past, including Hisham Abu Hawwash, Mohammed al-Qeeq and Ahmad Manasra. His murals are well-known in Copenhagen and his art is widely shared, for its clear messages in support of Palestinian liberation.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network stands in full solidarity with Amin Abu Rashed and calls for his immediate release from Dutch prison and all charges to be dropped. We urge all Palestinian and progressive organizations to support Amin and join the campaign for his release. Please reach out to the Free Amin Abu Rashed campaign through 



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