Murals in Denmark and Gaza urge release of hunger striking Palestinian journalist Al-Qeeq

Two murals – one in Copenhagen, Denmark and one in Gaza City, Palestine – were unveiled this weekend in separate acts of artistic support for hunger-striking Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq, who has now been on hunger strike for 71 days, demanding his release from Israeli administrative detention without charge or trial.

The Mohja Jerusalem Foundation displayed a new mural in front of the International Committee of the Red Cross headquarters in Gaza City on Sunday, 31 January; the display of the mural is part of a series of events being organized by Mohja to demand the freedom of al-Qeeq as well as imprisoned journalist colleague Mujahed al-Saadi.

Tareq Abu Shallouf said that the organization had chosen the wall near the Red Cross building as the location for a mural as it is a site of constant protests and activities in support of Palestinian prisoners.

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Separately, in Copenhagen, Denmark, Palestinian Danish artist Salim Assi revealed a mural on 1 February in solidarity with Al-Qeeq, highlighting his role as a Palestinian journalist. Assi’s work, on free walls around Copenhagen and other cities, often highlights the Palestinian struggle for liberation: also pictured below is a mural by Assi calling for freedom for all Palestinian prisoners and highlighting the case of Ahmad Manasrah, the 14-year-old child prisoner whose wounding and abuse by settler colonists was captured on video.



Photos: Mohja Foundation, Salim Assi