19 September, Vancouver: Political Education Discussion on Walid Daqqah

Tuesday, 19 September
7 pm
Centre for Socialist Education
706 Clark Drive

Join Samidoun Vancouver for a political education discussion on the writing of Walid Daqqah, Palestinian political prisoner, freedom fighter and revolutionary intellectual, struggling for freedom while suffering from a rare cancer.

We will be reading “Consciousness Molded, or the Re-Identification of Torture,” as originally published in English in Threat: Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israel.

Download and read the document: https://bit.ly/daqqaharticle

You are welcome to attend the discussion if you have read the document, if you have read a portion, or if you have not had a chance to read it! The discussion will address the Palestinian prisoners’ movement, Palestinian prisoners’ knowledge production inside occupation prisons, and the role of prisoners in the revolution.

Walid Daqqah is one of the preeminent intellectuals of the Palestinian resistance movement and has been subjected to solitary confinement in retaliation for his writing and publication, and is the author of multiple books, including: Testimonies of Resistance: The Battle of Jenin Camp 2002 (2004); Consciousness Molded or the Re-identification of Torture (2010); The Story of the Forgotten in Parallel Time (2011); The Oil’s Secret Tale (2018); The Sword’s Secret Tale (2021); The Spirit’s Secret Tale/ The Martyrs Return to Ramallah (2022), as well as unpublished manuscripts, paintings, poetry, lyrics and autobiography