#StandWithZaid campaign grows with international and German events, 230+ endorsers

The campaign is growing in Germany and around the world to #StandWithZaid: Zaid Abdulnasser, a Palestinian refugee from Syria, coordinator of the Samidoun Network in Germany and active with the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement. Dozens of additional organizations have signed on to the statement, while postering campaigns, actions and events are being organized around the world to highlight the case, with multiple events and actions in Germany demanding justice for Zaid and for Palestine.


The campaign called for a demonstration in Berlin, on Saturday, 30 September at 1 pm in Hermannplatz, in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and against anti-Palestinian repression, and events are being organized in Leipzig, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin, among others.

On Monday, 2 October, an arts and cultural evening in solidarity with Zaid is being organized in Berlin at Cafe Karanfil by Berlin Migrant Strikers.


On 20 September, graffiti appeared in Duisburg Delivierte carrying the slogans “Hands off Zaid! Free Palestine!”

On Monday, 25 September, Boykot Israel DK organized a solidarity letter delivery to the German embassy in Copenhagen in solidarity with Zaid and Palestine, and against anti-Palestinian repression in Germany:

At a solidarity action in Frankfurt, Germany, activists rallied for Palestine and expressed their solidarity with Zaid on 24 September:

On 15 September, the Collectif Palestine Vaincra organized a Palestine stand in Toulouse where they took photos in solidarity with Palestine, the prisoners and Zaid’s campaign:

On 24 September, Samidoun Spain joined Izquierda Unida in Madrid to show solidarity with Zaid and with Georges Abdallah:

On 30 September in Barcelona, Samidoun activists organized a solidarity stand for Palestine and took photos in support of Zaid:

In Gothenburg, Sweden, Samidoun tabled and participated in multiple events at a radical bookfair on 29-30 September, speaking about anti-Palestinian repression in Europe, including the case of Zaid and the attempt of the French government to dissolve Collectif Palestine Vaincra.

Also on 30 September, Samidoun Netherlands had a table at the Bij1 congress in Den Haag, advocating for liberation for Palestine, freedom for Palestinian political prisoner in the Netherlands Amin Abu Rashed, and solidarity with Zaid and against anti-Palestinian repression in Germany.


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On 26 September in Berlin, anarchist groups organized a solidarity evening at Rigaer 94 that included a screening of “Fedayin,” the film on the life and struggle of Georges Abdallah, and a discussion with Samidoun Berlin on the campaign against repression:

On Friday, 29 September, Zaid Abdulnasser spoke in Hamburg, at an event organized by Palästina Bündnis Hamburg as part of the International Campaign Against Anti-Palestinian Repression in Germany. He was warmly greeted by a supportive crowd who welcomed him to Hamburg and expressed their outrage at the repression targeting the community.

At the same time, in Dusseldorf, Samidoun Deutschland joined Palästina Solidarität Duisburg on 29 September for an information stand outside the central train station. Participants took solidarity photos as part of the #StandWithZaid campaign and distributed information about Palestine to passers-by.

On 22 and 23 September, a representative of the Collectif Palestine Vaincra and Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network spoke in Naples, Italy, at an event denouncing anti-Palestinian repression in Europe, including Zaid’s case, the attempted dissolution of the Collectif Palestine Vaincra in France, and other cases, including, most urgently, the Israeli imprisonment of Palestinian-Italian translator and researcher Khaled el-Qaisi.

On 22 September, Samidoun Brussels organized an event in Belgium marking the 25th anniversary of the police murder of Semira Adamu during a deportation; participants in the event discussed Palestinians’ right to resist and right to return, and showed their solidarity with Zaid:

On 23 September, Samidoun Vancouver joined with fellow organizers from the Canada Palestine Association, BDS Vancouver Coast Salish, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle and the Mobilization Against War and Occupation at a protest outside Scotiabank, the Canadian bank that is the largest foreign investor in notorious Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems. Participants showed their solidarity with Zaid:

In Toulouse, France, on 23 September, the Collectif Palestine Vaincra joined thousands marching against police violence and repression, carrying signs and banners for Palestinian liberation and the liberation of Georges Abdallah, as well as a banner for the #StandWithZaid campaign:

Also on Friday, 29 September, activists in Tucuman, Argentina at a social movements demonstration gathered to show solidarity with Palestine and to take #StandWithZaid solidarity photos to denounce Germany’s attack on Palestinian organizing:

On 21 September, students at Jean-Jaures University in Toulouse, France, joined with the Collectif Palestine Vaincra to take a stand in solidarity with Palestinian liberation and against the repression of the Palestinian movement in Germany:

In Toulouse, France, members of the CGT SELA 31 at Jean-Jaures University also showed their solidarity with Zaid:

In Spain, activists participating in a workshop on decolonization in the Global South expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian cause, with Zaid, and with Georges Abdallah, the Lebanese Arab struggler for Palestine jailed in France for 39 years:

On 19 September in Vancouver, Samidoun Vancouver organized a political education evening on “Molding Consciousness or the Re-Identification of Torture” by Palestinian prisoner, revolutionary intellectual and freedom fighter Walid Daqqah. Participants showe their solidarity with Zaid:

On 17 September, the Collectif Palestine Vaincra organized a Palestine Picnic in Toulouse, France, where they held banners in solidarity with Khaled al-Qaisi and Zaid:


The Lebanese Communist Party issued a statement in solidarity with Zaid:

Statement LCP

Sazeman Tadarok Kommunisti – Iran also issued a solidarity statement and letter to Samidoun.

Statement Tadarok

Activists with the Borotba party in Donbass, and with the People’s Will Party in Syria, expressed their solidarity with the #StandWithZaid campaign:

On 27 September, a group of activists in Berlin showed their solidarity with Zaid, Samidoun and Palestine in a video shared on social media:

Avrupa Dev-Genc, an organization of revolutionary youth from Turkey, and very involved in the campaign against paragraph 129(b), recorded a solidarity video with Zaid and Samidoun:

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Activists in Lima, Peru, recorded a solidarity video in support of Zaid and the struggle of the Palestinian people:

On 26 September, the Kommunistische Organisation released a comprehensive solidarity statement about Zaid’s case in the context of German imperialism, the asylum regime, and the Palestinian cause:

“The Zaid case impressively shows how the German authorities use migration and asylum law as a political weapon: They can apparently neither simply ban Samidoun nor prove that comrade Zaid has committed a concrete crime. Instead, they use his “status” as a refugee, which is ultimately nothing more than a racist legal construct that deprives him of his basic rights. As with all repression, it is not about him alone, but above all about intimidating all of us. The message is clear: Palestinians are not allowed to express themselves politically in the FRG, they are not allowed to denounce colonialism in their home country and they are not allowed to fight against it. Those who do risk not only never being naturalized and thus being able to live here with equal rights, but even losing their asylum and being deported. We advocate that the Palestinians’ struggle for their national liberation in all its forms can be openly supported and propagated in this country, that Palestinians not only get security and residence, but that they can fully exercise their political rights!”

Rote Hilfe also shared a call-out for support for the campaign against anti-Palestinian repression in Germany, and hosts the legal support fund for comrades in Germany.

Hanna and Marion Kawas of the Canada Palestine Association also expressed their solidarity with Zaid on Twitter:

YDG – Yeni Demokratik Gençlik, a revolutionary organization of youth from Turkey, recorded solidarity videos for the #StandWithZaid campaign and against attacks on Samidoun. YDG has its own history of confronting repression and criminalization, both in Turkey and in Europe.

Canada Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights issued a solidarity statement with Samidoun and the Campaign Against Anti-Palestinian Repression in Germany:


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Ung Vanster in Gothenburg, Sweden, a branch of the largest left youth organization in the country, expressed their solidarity with Zaid:

Young Struggle, a youth movement struggling for the rights of the kurdish people expressed solidarity with the campaign through multiple videos and social media posts:

The Kommunistische Organisation issued a call to action in support of Zaid as well as a series of solidarity photos:

Professors and students in the Arab Studies Department at the Autonomous University of Madrid expressed their solidarity with Zaid:

The Bahraini Society Against Normalization, currently engaged in a major campaign and confronting repression in Bahrain, expressed solidarity with Zaid and the campaign:

Manu Pineda, Member of European Parliament and chair of its Committee on Relations with Palestine, tweeted against Germany’s repression and in support of Zaid:

Révolution Permanente in France issued a solidarity statement in support of Zaid and the Palestinian struggle, and Le Poing Levé at Toulouse Jean Jaurès University showed their support for Zaid:

Samidoun Paris Banlieue organized solidarity photos for Zaid, as well as Palestinian prisoners Khaled al-Qaisi, Walid Daqqah and Georges Abdallah, at the Fete de l’Humanite, the annual festival organized by the French Communist Party:

In downtown Oran, Algeria, in front of a monument to the memory of Emir Abdelkader, an activist took a solidarity photo in support of Zaid.

Students and activists in Newark, New Jersey, took solidarity photos with Samidoun NY/NJ to show their support for Zaid and for Palestine:

In Lima, Peru, activists showed their solidarity with Zaid:

Activists in Abbotsford Canada, took solidarity photos with Zaid:

On 16 September, Palästina Solidarität Duisburg participated in a commemoration of the Nakba, educational and cultural event in Bruhl, where participants showed their solidarity with Zaid:

An Instagram post laid out the reasons for the importance of the campaign and why it matters for all Palestinians:


The Anti-Imperialist Front TV conducted an interview with Zaid about the campaign and the struggle for Palestinian liberation today:

Zaid conducted an interview as well (with live Spanish translation) with Radio Che Guevara in Argentina, on repression in Germany and the rising movement of Palestinian youth in exile and diaspora:

Samidoun Deutschland created a video linking the struggle in Germany today to the struggle for the liberation of Palestine and reclaiming the role of Palestinians in diaspora and exile in the liberation movement:

Articles and interviews:

Palestinian and Arab Media:

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Signatories (Oct. 5 2023):

  • 100 idee per la pace Siena – Italy
  • 718 Coalition
  • Advisory Board National Jericho Movement
  • Al-Awda, Palestine Right to Return Coalition
  • Al-Awda, Bay Area
  • Alkarama Palestinian women’s movement)
  • Alliance for Global Justice
  • Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine
  • Al-Marsad Palestine المرصد فلسطين
  • AlYudur Palestinian Youth Mobilization
  • American Student Union
  • Anti Imperialist Action Ireland
  • Antiimperialistische Koordination
  • Antirracismo Granada
  • ANC (Association Nationale des Communistes)
  • Arab Anarchist Network الشبكة الاناركية العربية
  • Arab Left Forum
  • Architects & Planners for Justice in Palestine
  • Asociación Americana de Juristas
  • Asociación Casa de la Memoria
  • Asociación Unadikum
  • Association France Palestine Solidarité Paris 14-6
  • Association France Palestine Solidarité – Paris-Sud
  • Association France Palestine Solidarité 22 St-Brieuc / France
  • Association France Palestine Solidarité 26/07
  • Association France Palestine Solidarité 63
  • Association France Palestine Solidarité centre et sud Manche
  • Association France Palestine Solidarité Marseille
  • Association France Palestine Solidarité Nantes
  • ATİF Föderation der Arbeiter*innen aus der Türkei in Deutschland
  • Australia Solidarity with Latin America
  • Association France Palestine Solidarité
  • Autonomia di Classe
  • Avrupa Dev-Genc
  • Basler Frauenvereinigung für Frieden und Fortschritt ( BFFF)
  • Bathurst United Church
  • BDS Vancouver/Coast Salish Territories
  • Behind Enemy Lines
  • Bergen County Green Party
  • Berlin Migrant Strikers
  • Biblicism Institute
  • Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) Solidarity Network
  • Boykot Israel Denmark
  • Bronx Antiwar Coalition
  • Bruxelles Panthères
  • Bündnis gegen imperialisitsche Aggression
  • Campagne unitaire pour la libération de Georges Abdallah
  • Campaign to Boycott Supporters of “Israel” in Lebanon
  • Canada Palestine Association
  • Canada-Philippine Solidarity for Human Rights (CPSHR)
  • Canadian BDS Coalition
  • Canadian Lebanese Academic Forum
  • Canadian Peace Congress
  • Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice
  • Casa delle Donne di Milano
  • Casa Pueblos 9
  • Catford Against Social Cleansing
  • CCMW Montreal
  • Centre for Counter Hegemonic Studies
  • Charente Palestine Solidarité
  • Christian-Jewish Allies For a Just Peace
  • Centro Culturale Handala Ali
  • Citizens International
  • Collectif Boycott Apartheid Israël – Paris Banlieue
  • Collectif Palestine Nord Essonne
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  • Collettivo Palestina Rossa
  • Committee of Anti-Imperialists in Solidarity with Iran
  • Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo
  • Couserans Palestine
  • Crida Migratoria
  • CUP-Alternativa per Llagostera
  • Dar al Janub – Union for Antiracism and Peace Policy
  • جمعية درب الوفاء للمعوقين الاجتماعية Darb Al-Wafa Social Association for the Disabled
  • Degrowth Belgium
  • DIE LINKE KV Region Hannover
  • DKP Kreisgruppe Bonn/Rhein-Sieg
  • DSA International Committee
  • East Berkshire PSC
  • Emakumeok gerraren aurka – Mujeres contra la guerra
  • Espacio Libre de Apartheid Israelí -ELAI CANTABRIA-
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  • Frente Antiimperialista Internacionaista
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  • Gesellschaft Schweiz Palästina
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  • Groupe Non-Violent LOUIS LECOIN
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  • Hände weg von Syrien – Bündnis gegen Krieg
  • Human Rights for Palestine
  • IDWC
  • Independent Jewish Voices
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  • InterBüro
  • International Action Center
  • International Association of Democratic Lawyers
  • International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
  • ILPS Canada (International League of Peoples’ Struggle Canada)
  • International Women’s Alliance
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  • Nación Andaluza
  • National Lawyers’ Guild- San Francisco Bay Area chapter
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