Denmark: Activists #StandWithZaid and Palestine at German embassy in Copenhagen

On Monday, 25 September, activists with Boykot Israel-DK gathered to deliver an open letter to the German embassy in Copenhagen in support of Zaid Abdulnasser, the coordinator of Samidoun Germany and a member of the executive committee of the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, who is being threatened with having his residency stripped because of his activism for Palestinian liberation.

Over 150 organizations have already signed on to the campaign: click here to add your organizational endorsement.

They delivered the following open letter:

Open Letter to The German Embassy of Denmark

From the ”Boykot Israel” Campaign


Palestine Activists suffer systematic repression in Germany. At the moment, authorities threaten Zaid Abdulnasser with not renewing his residence permit. Zaid is a Palestinian refugee from Syria, and a coordinator for the Samidoun network in Germany. Other Palestine activists have already been forced out of Germany, among them activist and author Khaled Barakat. German authorities systematically accuse all who support Palestine of anti-semitism.

At the same time Germany will uncritically support the Zionist state Israel, despite more and more people around whe world defining Israel as an Apartheid state.

Stop Germany’s attacks on Palestine Activists’ political rights!

Free Palestine!