9 October, Online Event: The New McCarthyism and How We Can Fight Back

Monday, 9 October
5 pm Pacific – 8 pm Eastern
Register on Zoom: bit.ly/fightmccarthyism

Organizations working for justice in Palestine, like Samidoun, regularly face attempts to blacklist and criminalize our activities. Similarly, anti-imperialist organizations and activities face a broad array of attacks from imperialist powers.

On October 9, 8pm EST, The Canada Files and CovertAction Magazine, with Samidoun as lead sponsor, are co-hosting an event featuring Jodie Evans (Codepink Co-founder), Wenran Jiang (Institute for Peace and Diplomacy advisor), Ben Norton (Geopolitical Economy Report’s Editor-in-Chief) and Eleanor Wong (A stateless Canadian expat exiled in Hong Kong by the Canadian government).

It focuses on the new McCarthyism in Canada and the US, and how we can fight back against it.

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