A call to action: Confront the Zionist-imperialist assault on the Palestinian people!


The following statement was issued by Samidoun NY/NJ:

The New York/New Jersey Chapter of the Samidoun Palestinian Political Prisoners Network condemns in the harshest language the ongoing crimes committed against our people in Gaza and Lebanon by the Zionist enemy and its devoted Western backers.

The United States empire leads and funds these atrocities in hopes of crushing our people’s resistance. They continuously target civilians, hospitals, and journalists, and have severed Gaza’s access to basic necessities like food, water, electricity, and the internet signals needed to broadcast these atrocities. The world watched as the Zionist enemy bombed the Rafah border crossing to prevent the delivery of humanitarian aid and deployed internationally banned chemical weapons such as white phosphorus. So far, the Zionist enemy has martyred more than 9,000 Palestinians, most of whom were and children.

The New York/New Jersey Chapter of the Samidoun Network stresses that the western colonial powers created the Zionist entity, which remains loyal to the interests of western capital in the Arab world and beyond.  These very powers—principally the United States and its European allies—fund and/or manufacture every bullet, plane and bomb that the Zionist enemy uses against our people.

It is crucial to note the United States’ close coordination with the Israeli occupational government. Its political, tactical and strategic support has empowered each genocidal move made by the Zionists—including the bombing of the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital that killed over 500 civilians and, more recently, the violent ground invasion of Gaza that may involve around 5,000 U.S. military personnel. 

The Biden administration staunchly supports the occupation and has doubled down on its hospital bombing lie, even suggesting it was a legitimate military target. More broadly, the US imperialist regime continually threatens genocide not only to the Palestinians but the whole of the Arab world to enforce their violent world dominance.

We hold the American and European states responsible for every crime committed by the Zionist enemy over the last eight decades. We call on our supporters, the masses of our Palestinian people in exile, and all free people worldwide to challenge manifestations of Zionism and western imperialism by all available means.

Glory to the Martyrs… Freedom for the Prisoners… and Revolution until Victory

The Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network – New York/ New Jersey