ALL OUT FOR PALESTINE in Washington, DC, and everywhere around the world, November 4!

The ongoing genocide in Gaza and the heroic Palestinian and Arab resistance confronting that genocide have spotlighted, perhaps more than ever, the destructive alliance of Zionism and U.S.-led imperialism, with the threat that they pose not only to Palestine but to humanity as a whole. As U.S. President Joe Biden — now dubbed “Genocide Joe” on social media — and Congress ready to send an additional $14 billion in weapons to the Zionist regime as it carries out its genocide, as Germany bans demonstrations for Palestine and even the Samidoun Network, as the British Home Secretary threatens people carrying a Palestinian flag, and as the French state attacks demonstrators and threatens political parties with imprisonment for speaking favourably about the Palestinian resistance, the alignment of the imperialist powers in order to protect their outpost in the region is clear.

At the same time, not only have Arab resistance forces from Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen joined the battle, the tide of normalization imposed upon the Arab masses is being overturned, even as reactionary regimes continue their complicity under imperialist domination. The streets of the region, from Baghdad and Sanaa to Tehran and Istanbul, are full of people standing with Palestine unconditionally. In Latin America, Bolivia, Colombia and Chile have joined the long-standing position of Venezuela and Cuba in rejecting the Zionist regime or, at minimum, withdrawing ambassadors. The outrage, however, spans borders, and defies ruling classes; at the heart of the imperial core, massive demonstrations, from London to New York to Toronto, from Paris to Berlin to Rome, have expressed widespread popular support for Palestinian liberation and rejection of the imperialist genocide being conducted by the Zionist regime in Gaza.

Belgian trade unions have announced their refusal to load weaponry bound for the Israeli military, and direct actions at weapons manufacturers like Elbit Systems — like those of the Palestine Action movement in Britain and the US — are directly confronting the war machine. Today in the San Francisco Bay Area, community members have occupied a military ship attempting to bring more weapons to the Zionist regime. This weekend is a global mobilization — everywhere — to take action, march, organize and make clear that the people of the world stand with Palestine!

In the United States, Saturday Nov. 4 is a major national mobilization to Washington, DC, to confront imperialism in the belly of the beast. It is on track to be the largest demonstration for Palestine in U.S. history. Around the world, from Johannesburg to Caracas to Beirut, from Santiago to Vancouver to Tokyo, people will march for Palestinian liberation. Samidoun is one of hundreds upon hundreds of organizations endorsing and supporting this major mobilization.

We also urge all to participate in the Black People’s March on the White House, beginning at 11 am at Malcolm X Park, an important Black Liberation Movement event with a strong anti-imperialist framework as well as clear solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

If you are in the United States and can come to Washington, DC, we urge you to join the mass mobilization and demonstrate popular power and resistance to imperialism and Zionism! 

Samidoun is collecting demonstrations and actions around the world on the Global Calendar of Resistance for Palestine. TO ADD YOUR EVENT TO THE CALENDAR: Email us at or tag us on social media! We know that these events are mainly international and that the Arab people are marching everywhere for Palestine — we will be honored to add Arab events.

Please attend all of these events and actions in your area. The genocide is continuing — and the resistance is still rising. ALL OUT FOR PALESTINE!

Friday, November 3

Saturday, November 4

Sunday, November 5