Free Hadeel Shatara! Palestinian educator seized by occupation forces

On Monday, 1 July, Hadeel Shatara, Palestinian educator and an administrator of the graduate program at Birzeit University, was seized by occupation forces as she returned to Palestine from Jordan at the Karameh crossing. She is currently being held incommunicado under interrogation, and her family and lawyer have not been informed of her location. We raise our voices to say: Free Hadeel Shatara and all Palestinian prisoners now!

The abduction of Hadeel Shatara is part and parcel of the systematic attack on Palestinian education by the Zionist occupation regime. She joins six Birzeit University women students – Yara Abu Hashish, Layan Kayed, Shahd Owaida, Mona Abu Hussein, and Wafa Nimr – and hundreds of Palestinian male students – seized by the occupation. Students, particularly throughout the West Bank of occupied Palestine, have been subjected to mass arrest, while Palestinian student blocs are labeled “illegal organizations.”

In Gaza, every single university has been systematically destroyed by the occupation forces as part of their genocidal assault on every aspect of Palestinian life and society. University administrators have been targeted for assassination and kidnapped with fellow civilians, especially health care workers, and subjected to extreme forms of torture and abuse in the concentration camps for Palestinians from Gaza operated by the occupation forces.

This attack on Hadeel Shatara and Palestinian education is happening as university students are rising up around the world in a global student intifada to confront the genocide and resist Zionism and imperialism. Around the world, and particularly in the United States – the heart of the imperial core and the co-sponsor of the genocide, supplier of billions of dollars in bombs and weaponry to the Zionist regime – students have been beaten and arrested by police in an attempt to suppress this growing international movement with the liberation of Palestine at the core.

We urge all to demand freedom for Hadeel Shatara and all Palestinian students and educators – and all of the over 10,000 Palestinian prisoners held in Zionist jails – and to include the liberation of the prisoners in all campaigns for Palestinian liberation and an end to the genocide. We further emphasize the urgency of a complete academic boycott of all Zionist institutions, which are fully complicit in the all-out assault on Palestinian education and 76 years of genocide targeting the Palestinian people as a whole.

Free Hadeel Shatara and all Palestinian prisoners!
Defend Palestinians’ right to education!
From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!