Eleven Palestinian Political Detainees Continue their Hunger Strike

Thursday April 12, 2012

by Ghassan Bannoura

Eleven Palestinian political prisoners continued on Thursday their hunger strike, Palestinian human rights groups reported. According to the report two of the prisoners, Thaer Halahla and Bilal Thiyab, have entered on Thursday their 45th day of hunger strike.

The political detainees are protesting the Israeli policy of administrative detention and ill-treatment inside detention centers.

The Israeli government uses administrative detention to hold Palestinians for unspecified time without any charges.

Last month prisoner Hana ash-Shalabi ended her hunger strike after a deal was reached to deport her to Gaza for three years before she can come back to her home in northern West Bank.

Immediately after being abducted by the Israeli army in the West Bank, Ash-Shalabi, 30, years old conducted a 43-day hunger-strike demanding an end to her illegal detention.