Palestinians in Europe Conference launches solidarity campaign

April 28, Copenhagen – At the Tenth Palestinians in Europe conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Secretariat of the Conference of Palestinians in Europe, the Palestinian Return Centre in London, the Palestinian Forum in Denmark and the UFree Network, the European Network for the defense of the rights of Palestinian prisoners, launched a new campaign in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners.

The organizations announced a campaign of European and international institutions to collect signatures worldwide in support of the hunger striking prisoners and their demands. Mohammed Hamdan of UFree said that the signed petitions will be submitted to the European Parliament and Members of the European Union, as part of ongoing international work in solidarity with the prisoners.

The annual conference will address a number of issues including Palestinian refugees’ right to return, Palestinian prisoners, Jerusalem, and struggling against settlements. The conference was held in past years in various European cities, including London 2003, Berlin 2004, Vienna 2005, Malmo, 2006, Rotterdam 2007, Copenhagen 2008, Milan 2009, Berlin 2010, and Wuppertal, 2011.