Sa’adat: Strike continues until victory despite hospitalization

Imprisoned Palestinian leader Ahmad Sa’adat, the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, confirmed he is continuing his open-ended hunger strike until the just demands of the prisoners’ movement is achieved, noting that these demands are fair, humane, and revive the prisoners’ movement and its great history of struggle.

Sa’adat said this during a visit with Mahmoud Hassan, a lawyer with Addameer, in Ramleh prison hospital, where he was moved yesterday. Hassan reported that Sa’adat called for the masses of the Palestinian people and the Arab nation, and all solidarity organizations and progressive movements around the world to support the prisoners’ strike and the prisoners’ struggle as part and parcel of the Palestinian national struggle to resist occupation.

Sa’adat called for the Palestinian leadership to support the prisoners’ strugle at all levels, including supporting releaed prisoners, rehabilitation for freed prisoners, and treating Palestinian political prsioners as prisoners of war.

Sa’adat praised all of the prisoners engaged in the battle of the empty stomachs, saying that struggle is the only way to achieve the prisoners’ just demands, and greeted the Palestinian people, the prisoners, his family, and all peace and justice activists wherever they are.

Hassan said that Sa’adat’s health was steadily deterioriating, and protested the Prison Service’s refusal to give him salt in violation of international laws allowing prisoners on hunger strike to access salt to maintain their bodies.

This visit came after an earlier lawyer visit, by Hassan al-Ramla was rejected by Israeli prison services.