Wife of isolated captive Abbas al-Sayyed expresses fear for his life

TULKAREM, (PIC)– Mrs. Ikhlas al-Sweis, wife of isolated prisoner Abbas al-Sayyed, expressed great fears for her husband’s life because he joined the hunger strike while he is in very bad health specially after being beaten unconscious, a few weeks ago, by occupation soldiers in Jalbo’ prison causing him serious injuries.

Al-Sweis told the PIC correspondent: that Sayyed was still suffering from injuries sustained in three assaults on him by Israeli occupation soldiers during in the course of last month because he refused to give samples for DNA testing.

She stressed that Sayyed joined the hunger strike on 18 April, just one day after a mass hunger strike was declared by the prisoners, because he did not know that the strike started except when a lawyer visited him on 18 April, when he immediately declared his hunger strike.

She added that the prison administration punished him by confiscating electric equipment from his cell including his television and radio sets.

Abbas al-Sayyed is serving 36-life sentences plus 200 years accused of helping Abdel-Basit odeh to carry out an attack against occupation in 2002.