Former prisoner Sumoud Karajeh joins solidarity strike as several protesters in Gaza hospitalized

Solidarity hunger strikes continue to take place throughout Palestine. Sumoud Karajeh, freed prisoner, is now on her 6th day of hunger strike. She said that she “is proud to be engaged in this strike for prisoners who have given their youth to the occupation prisons,” saying she would continue to strike until all of the demands of the prisoners were met, calling for the broadest solidarity with the prisoners.

The Palestine Information Centrereported that five solidarity strikers in Gaza, Amal Abu Sbeitan (40 years), striking for 16 days, Ahmed Shahwan (40 years), Fateh Khalf Allah (50 years), and Salah Abu Samaan (35 years) were taken to the Shifa state Hospital due to the deterioration of their health condition, and after fainting as a result of their participation in the open hunger strike since seven days, in solidarity with prisoners who have launched the strike  19 days ago. Former captive leader Rouhi Mushtaha was taken  to Shifa Hospital in Gaza on Saturday, for the second time in less than 12 hours.