Statement No. 4 of the Hunger Strikers’ Leadership

Statement No. 4
by the Higher Committee of the Leadership of the Strike

We vow to live with dignity or die – to our steadfast Palestinian people…

We are in a dangerous and sensitive situation, and run the risk of losing our lives for our dignity. Nevertheless, we will not end our strike without achieving our demands, the most important being to end the policy of isolation and to permit the family visits from Gaza that have ben banned.

Therefore, it is absurd to think our demands, our strike, our empty stomachs and our hunger, which enter our twentieth day, could be used to achieve personal or partisan interests to this or that prisoner, regardless of their positions in their parties. Any attempt to use the strike in this way is a betrayal, a stab in our backs, and a conspiracy against this strike.

We read false and illegitimate stories in the press attributed to one or more individuals who are in different locations, claiming that the management of the Prison Service and some sort of committee has agreed to a certain percentage of our demands. These attempts to lie and deceive at this stage are attempts to evade the strike launched by more than 1600 Palestinian prisoners. We are committed to this struggle, our demands are fair, and we reject this kind of cheap begging.

To Free People…

We call upon news agencies to verify all news prior to publication, and call on our brothers in the Ma’an News Agency in particular to dismiss such false reports and inform the Palestinian people with coverage of our strike and the support for it.


At this stage we note that if some insist on deception we will have to clarify things and set the record straight and expose any conspiracy to undermine our battle of empty stomachs and our destiny, and the dignity of our prisoners.

We will live with dignity or die

Higher Committee of the Leadership of the Strike