Palestinian prisoner hospitalized with serious leg injury

The Palestinian Information Centre reported that  Israeli jailors transferred Palestinian prisoner Noor Jaber to hospital in serious condition on Thursday after he fainted, the Palestinian prisoner’s association said.

Amjad Al-Najjar, the chairman of the association, said that Jaber, who is serving 17 life sentences, was injured in his leg on his arrest ten years ago. He explained that Israeli interrogators soon after his arrest put salt on his injuries and hit him on his wounded leg other than using the “stapler” on his body for more than 50 times.

Najjar said that the interrogators were punishing Jaber for his role in planning an Islamic Jihad attack in Al-Khalil that killed military commander of Al-Khalil area and 16 soldiers.

Najjar said that Jaber tabled dozens of requests with the Israeli prison authority to treat his leg but to no avail, adding that the Ramle prison clinic told him that his leg has to be amputated to prevent further deterioration in his health.