Former prisoner Abu Seir: Prisoners in Israeli jails ready for struggle

Photo by Shahd Abusalama

Samer Abu Seir, a freed former prisoner from Jerusalem who was displaced to Gaza in the October 2011 prisoner exchange, discussed plans of the prisoners’ movement inside Israeli jails on September 2, 2012. The movement, he reported, is seriously considering escalating steps of struggle if the Israeli Prison Service does not respond to prisoners’ demands to end isolation for Awad Saidi and Dirar Abu Sisi, and allow family visits for all of the prisoners from Gaza rather than an arbitrary few.

Abu Seir pointed out that among the issues prompting the prisoners’ action has been the prohibition of visits by children of prisoners from Gaza, and the reduction of the length of family visits.

Abu Seir also confirmed that prisoners continue to suffer from harassment, nighttime inspections and frequent financial inspections that drain their canteen (prison financial accounts.) He noted that the prisoners inside Israeli jails expect that Palestinian political forces, official bodies and popular institutions will stand up for the prisoners as a responsibility and support the prisoners’ struggle with pressure and solidarity.