Hassan Safadi’s administrative detention renewed for additional four months

Palestinian hunger striking prisoner Hassan Safadi, who has been held under administrative detention without charge or trial, once again had his detention renewed by four months in an administrative order from the Israeli military court in Ofer. The court had delayed for more than two weeks in making this order, stating that “the issue was complex,” according to Palestinian Prisoners Club lawyer Jawad Boulos. This decision reaffirmed a preliminary decision of June 29, 2012.

In the decision, Boulos said, the judge rejected Safadi’s argument pointing out that his release was called for in the agreement between the Palestinian prisoners and Israel Prison Services in May 2012, which ended the mass hunger strike of thousands of prisoners and included a pledge to not renew the administrative detention of existing detainees, as well as particular note on this topic for long-term hunger strikers, of which Safadi was one, having struck for 74 days at the time.

Instead, Boulos noted, as expected and as is the norm in Israeli military courts, all claims of the military intelligence were accepted due to alleged secret evidence. Safadi’s health situation is deeply precarious as he is now on hunger strike for an additional 81 days. He began his strike when he was not released as promised in June 2012. His detention is scheduled for a new review on October 29, 2012, but he is demanding his immediate release.

Safadi’s mother is also suffering medically, having been hospitalized. She suffers from multiple serious health conditions. Safadi wrote the following letter to his mother, published in the Electronic Intifada on July 29, 2012:

“First I want to thank you dear mother for your wonderful letter, whose every word penetrated my heart and immersed me in happiness, love and tenderness. I am blessed to have a mother like you. Please thank everyone who stood in solidarity and prayed for me.

What increased my happiness and contentment was you writing that you raise your head up proudly because of me…I hope your head will always be lifted high and your spirits elevated oh loved one. As for waiting for my release, I remind you mother we are believers.

We are waiting for God’s mercy with patience…as Prophet Muhammad related God’s words, “I am as my slave thinks…” As you await my release, think positively and God willing, God will not leave you and your work and He will not disappoint your expectations.

Thank God I have a mother like you, a patient believer who prays for me from her heart, and I thank you dear mother for the beautiful song you wrote that warmed my chest as I read the lyrics..

Congratulations to Nelli’s [his sister] twins…I pray to God they will be attributed to Muslims and to Islam and for them to receive the best upbringing, and for their time to be better than our time.

Say hello and salute Abu Jamal and thank him for his efforts and say hello to Ayah and Amir and tell them I miss them, tell everyone who asked about me I say hello, and pray for them.

How beautiful the last line in your letter is! “God is with you, may He protect you and take care of you…I leave you in His safe hands.”

Please mother, always pray for me using those words especially in the month of Ramadan, happy holidays.

Your son”

Via Ma’an Arabic.

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