Released prisoner Samer Abu Seir marries in Gaza

Released prisoner displaced to Gaza Samer Abu Seir celebrated his wedding on September 25 following 24 years in the occupation prisons.

Abu Seir married a woman from Gaza, saying that he “confirms that we are one people and one indivisible homeland, from Jerusalem and Gaza, this land and blood is precious and dear to all Palestinians.” He dedicated his wedding to the spirit of his mother who died only a few months prior after travelling to Gaza despite being ill to see her son Samer released from the occupation prisons in October 2011.

Abu Seir said that his joy in freedom would not be complete until the liberation of all prisoners from the Israeli jails, saluting the prisoners who remained in the occupation prisons.

The wedding was attended by leaders, cadres and members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, many former prisoners, including those displaced to Gaza, and national figures. Many of Abu Seir’s family travelled from Jerusalem to join the wedding. Samer Abu Seir was born in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem and spent 24 years in Israeli jails before being displaced to Gaza in the October 2011 prisoner exchange agreement.