Safa village raided, 4 youth activists arrested

Another series of arrests and raids were carried out by the occupation against Palestinians in the West Bank on Wednesday.

The Palestine Information Centre reported that one of the men arrested, Raafat Shallaldah, had previously been held indefinitely in Palestinian Authority jails:

Israeli occupation forces arrested at dawn on Wednesday, Raafat Yousef Shallaldah 26 of Sa’ir in Al-Khalil after storming the neighborhood of Koazibh.

Shallaldah had gone on an open-ended hunger strike after the PA intelligence’s refusal to release him as the Supreme Court of Justice had ordered. He was then released from PA jails under an agreement signed between clan dignitaries in the city of Al-Khalil and the PA security services.

Moreover, the occupation forces issued on Tuesday, a decision to renew the administrative detention of the captive Anas Amir Rasrs, 47, from the city of Al-Khalil, for 6 months for the third time in a row.

Sources within the Negev prison confirmed that the Negev prison administration handed the prisoner Rasrs the decision to extend his detention two days before his release, which caused anger among the captives.

The prisoner Anas Amir Abdul Aziz Rasrs, from the city of Al-Khalil, has spent 14 years in Israeli jails, mostly in administrative detention. He suffers from constant back pain due to the torture practiced in the prisons of the Israeli and PA jails where he had spent 9 months in a row.

The occupation forces also raided Saffa village at 3:00 AM, invading the home of young activist Victor Karajeh, the brother of Sumoud Karajeh, former prisoner freed in the October 2011 prisoner exchange. The occupation forces then invaded several other area homes, seizing Joseph Karajeh, Tariq Karajeh, and Abdo Karajeh. This is the latest of a series of raids targeting young activists in the village.