Health crises for Sharawna, Issawi demand urgent action


On Monday 8th October, Lawyers of Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees affairs, Fadi Obeidat and Rami al-Alami said that the health condition of the two hunger strike prisoners is very critical and calls for immediate and quick intervention to save their lives.

The two lawyers who visited the two prisoners in Nafha and al-Ramlah Israeli prisons that the prisoners are in Coma and general weakness and they suffer from weight loss and dizziness.

The lawyer Rami al-Alami said that the prisoner Samir al-Issawi suffers from dizziness, permanent headache and several chronic diseases and he refuses to take vitamins, he only takes water and salt. The prisons’ service refuses to transfer him to al-Ramlah medical center for treatment.

Al-Issawi said that he insists to continue with the strike to achieve either freedom or martyrdom, and he’s refusing to be deported from Palestine. He called on the political parties and forces to stand by prisoners and support them in their strike to achieve freedom and cancel their arrest decisions.

The lawyer Obeidat said that the health condition of the prisoner Ayman al-Sharawna is very dangerous, he lost his sight in his right eye and lost sensation in all parts of his body and he refuses the harsh treatment when doing medical checks.

It’s worth noting that the two prisoners; al-Issawi and al-Sharawna, were released in Shalit swap deal and they were re-arrested by Israeli authorities without specific charge or trial. Al-Sharawna started his open hunger strike in 1/7/ 2012 and al-Issawi in 1/8/2012.

Qaraqe and Qadura Fares have called on the Egyptian government to immediately intervene to release the striking prisoners and the eight prisoners that were re-arrested, expressing their concern for the Israeli dangerous policy against the released male and female prisoners.