PIC: Detainee Anas Hashlamoun launches hunger strike in PA’s jails

Reported by the Palestine Information Centre:

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– A political prisoner announced entering a hunger strike in the jails of PA security services, which in turn continued for the fortieth day detaining a Hamas leader in Ramallah.

Anas Hashlamoun, political prisoner held in the prisons of the General Intelligence in al-Khalil, announced launching a hunger strike in protest at the continuation of his detention, despite the release of three resolutions to free him.

For its part, the Preventive Security Service has been extending for three times respectively the detention of Hamas leader and liberated captive Faraj Rummana, his family said.

Rummana’s family added that its son who had been arrested since 40 days is still under interrogation and is being held in solitary confinement in the interrogation section.

The preventive apparatus had arrested Rummana with hundreds of others – on 18 September – during the extensive arrest campaign waged by the security services against Hamas activists and cadres in all the cities of the occupied West Bank.

Meanwhile, the Magistrate’s Court, in the city of Nablus, extended for 15 additional days the detention of seven political prisoners affiliated with the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in the occupied West Bank, and postponed ruling on the files of four detained students from Al-Najah National University.