Call for Action for Samer Issawi

samerissawiStatement and Call to Action

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right To Return Coalition and
The Free Samer Issawi Campaign

For Immediate Release


Al-Awda, The Palestine Right To Return Coalition and the Free Samer Issawi Campaign calls on all people of conscience across the globe to stand with Palestinian political prisoner and hunger striker Samer Issawi in his fight for freedom and justice. He has been on hunger strike for over 178 days now protesting the injustice of his detention and that of all the other Palestinian political prisoners!

Like other Palestinian political prisoners Samer Issawi’s indefinite detention without charges or trial is inhumane and an Israeli facade to continue to persecute the Palestinian people and those who dare to stand against Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine and its crimes against the Palestinian people!

The world cannot and must not continue to let the Zionist state get away with these barbaric injustices against Palestinian political prisoners and the Palestinian people at large. We demand the release of Samer Issawi from prison immediately. He is currently dying before us and before the eyes of the world!


We call on all justice seeking people around the world to stand with Samer Issawi. His life is literally on the line while the mass media is neglecting his freedom call. We are calling on people all over to plan to drop banners at all public locations this Monday January 21, 2013, which happens to be Dr. Martin Luther King Day, and on subsequent days until his release! We call on protests to be organized everywhere. We need to save Samer’s life and bring his human struggle to the mainstream above the media blackout!

“My detention is unjust and illegal, just like the Palestinian occupation. My demands are legitimate and just thus I will not withdraw from the battle for freedom, waiting for either victory and freedom-or martyrdom.”

Samer always sends his gratitude for those supporting him around the world!