Former hunger striker Yousef Shaaban released to Jenin

Occupation authorities released the prisoner Youssef Shaaban Yassin, 33, from Jenin on February 23 after spending 3 months in administrative detention during which he went on hunger strike for 60 daysyousef-yassin, as reported by Rohama.

Large crowds received the liberated prisoner Shaaban chanting slogans demanding the release of all striking prisoners.

The liberated prisoner Shaaban said immediately after his release that the striking prisoners passing through a dangerous phase, calling on the Palestinian people to support them.

He stressed that the prison administration is profiting from the current Palestinian rift to carry on with torturing prisoners un-opposed.

The freed captive Shaaban went on hunger strike for two months immediately after his arrest, and then he ended his hunger strike due to medical warnings, while his colleagues Jafar Ezzedine and Tarek Kaadan of Arraba continued their hunger strike for 89 days in row.