April 17: Philadelphia Fast for Palestinian Prisoners’ Day

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/269643646506213/
Join members of Philly BDS as we fast for 24 hours to demand freedom for all Palestinian political prisoners and mark Palestinian Prisoners’ Day on Wednesday, April 17.

There are still over 4,800 Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli jails, including children and administrative detainees (jailed without charge or trial). Over the past months we have seen Samer Issawi remain on hunger strike for over 260 days until he wins freedom without conditions; we have seen Arafat Jaradat tortured to death in Israeli prison; and Maysara Abuhamdieh die of cancer after being refused proper medical treatment by the Israeli prison service. The Israelis have continued their illegal policies of jailing Palestinians without charge or trial, jailing children in violation of all international laws, and torturing prisoners regardless of their age or gender.

But we also see the resistance of Palestinian prisoners to this repression through waves of hunger strikes throughout the Israeli prison system. We have seen Palestinians taking to the streets to protest the treatment of the men and women who resist the occupation of their land. And we have also seen the protests by Palestine solidarity activists around the world supporting the demand for justice and freedom for all Palestinian political prisoners.