April 17: Berkeley Protest for Palestinian Prisoners Day

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Palestinian Prisoners Day Protest: Berkeley, CA

At 11:30am SHARP we will first be meeting at LOWER SPROUL for instructions. The demonstration will comprise of a large body of students representing hunger strikers and a group of speakers.


For the body of hunger strikers, we will start at Lower Sproul and march up to Upper Sproul to the steps of Sproul Hall, following behind a few of the speakers. Some of you will be holding signs, but everyone else can stand with their hands behind their back. For the breaks between speakers/poems/letters, we will recite chants.

For those who will not be part of hunger strikers, you will pass out flyers advertising tomorrow’s divestment vote.

For those who wish to speak, please send me a message with what you wish to share (please keep it pertinent to prisons, and if possible, Palestinian prisoners–perhaps the influence of the Palestinian hunger strike movement in Guantanamo and Pelican?)

Following the last speaker we will end with one last chant, then you’re done!

Remember, 11:30am SHARP at Lower Sproul!