Halahleh moved to Hadassah hospital after decline in his health

thaer-halahlehPalestinian prisoner Thaer Halahleh was moved to Hadassah hospital following further deterioration in his health, said Amjad Najjar, the director of the Palestinian Prisoners Club in Hebron, quoting the occupation prison administration at Ofer prison.

Halahleh, who was released last June after a 77-day hunger strike conducted with fellow administrative detainee Bilal Diab, was re-arrested in April. Once again he has not been charged; Halahleh has been arrested eight times and served six and one half years in Israeli prisons. He has never been charged with a crime or tried; at all times he has been held without charges or under administrative detention.

Halahleh was told by a doctor in Ofer prison after his re-arrest that he had contracted Hepatitis C. Halahleh was not ill before being imprisoned. During a dental operation at Askelan prison, non-sterile tools were used, and it is believed that this instance of medical malpractice is when Halahleh contracted the blood-borne illness.