Hearing for hunger striker Tabeesh postponed; Batran unable to attend due to health


One of Mohammad Sabaaneh's cartoons in support of Palestinian prisoners, holding the light of freedom

The occupation court in Ofer prison postponed the hearing of Ayman Tabeesh today, Wednesday, June 19, who has been on hunger strike for 28 days in protest of the extension of his administrative detention order. The hearing was re-scheduled for June 24 to consider Tabeesh’s appeal. Emad Batran, who has been on hunger strike since May 7, was also scheduled to have a hearing at Ofer Military Court today; however, Batran could not attend due to the decline in his health. Batran is also being held under administrative detention, without charge or trial.

It was also reported by lawyer Hanan Khatib that the striking prisoners’ health is deteriorating rapidly. Ayman Hamdan, who has been on hunger strike for 53 days, is vomiting blood and has lost 19 kg of his body weight, and has extreme fatigue, difficulty walking and standing. Adel Hareebat, who has been on hunger strike for 28 days, has lung problems and is short of breath and now uses a wheelchair.