Prisoners in Asqelan prison attacked by Israeli units raiding their wards

ashkelonMa’an reported on Saturday, June 15 that Palestinian prisoners held at Israel’s Ashkelon prison have been assaulted by special Israeli units ransacking their wards several times last week.

Karim Ajweh, who works for the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society, quoted representative of prisoners in Ashkelon Nasser Abu Hmeid as saying that wards 11 and 13 were stormed and “brutally inspected” for several hours by special squads.

Ajweh highlighted that “Ashkelon prison looks like a hospital as 60 out of 120 Palestinian inmates are sick.”

The prisoners, he added, have made it clear to the Israeli prison service that provocative inspection raids are an “unacceptable show of force.” They threatened to carry out protests if such behavior continues, the lawyer said.