Statement of the families of Jordanian hunger strikers in Israeli jails

Thejordan-protest families of the Palestinian political prisoners holding Jordanian citizenship who have been on hunger strike for 60 days sent the following statement to a protest organized in London outside the Jordanian Embassy in solidarity with the strikers:

With great respect and love we salute all of you the free people of the world who stand with our right for freedom and justice.

The Jordanian Political prisoners have been engaged in hunger strike for over 60 days now, taking only water and salt.
From the first day the Israeli jailers made it worse for them by forcing them to stand for long hours, and later confiscated salt, a very important substance for strikers. Israeli Jailers continue to humiliate the prisoners in various forms and methods.

Mohammad Al-Rimawi who is suffering from heart condition is facing death any time, with no real medical support. In fact the Prison authority had promised him medical care only if he ends his strike!

Also political prisoner Hamza Othman Al-Dabbas is facing real threats to his life and was punished repeatedly in order to force him to stop his strike.

The Mother of Political prisoner Abdullah Barghouti said “I miss my son. I did not see him for 8 years, and it breaks my heart to know that he is on hunger strike for 60 days and has been beaten many time at the hands of jailers. My husband and I are elderly, we are over 75 years old and we want see our son free before we die. I thank you for standing with my son in this crisis and we will not rest before he is freed from Israeli Jails,” she said.

The wife of prisoner Al’a Hammad said “I have 6 children and they did not see their father for 7 years now. They love their father and they keep looking at his picture. We all have been involved in organizing and participating in sit-ins and demonstrations but it seems to me that our government cares about its relation with Israel more than they care about prisoners.”

Shahin Mer’i, the brother of Munir Mer’i, salutes you all and he has received a message from the prisoners declaring that they will be on open-ended hunger strike starting July 3rd . They will only consume water and they will reject any intravenous supplies, this means they can be facing death in less than 5 – 6 days.

We greet you from our hearts
Support Jordanian Political Prisoners in Israeli jails.
Free all political prisoners.