Abu Sisi remains in solitary confinement

abusisiPalestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) said on July 23 that Palestinian prisoner Dirar Abu Sisi, 42, from Gaza is the only Palestinian prisoner still held in solitary confinement, at Eshel Prison, where he has been isolated since he was abducted by Israeli intelligence while traveling by train in the Ukraine, his wife’s homeland, in 2011.

PPS called for an immediate intervention to end Abu Sisi’s isolation and suffering, as Abu Sisi suffers from several diseases and living in a cell which is not suitable for human living. In addition, Abu Sisi is held in the section of the Israeli criminal prisoners, who frequently scream and curse.

The PPS warned from the seriousness of Abu Sisi’s situation, considering the continued isolation against Abu Sisi is a means to humiliate him. Solitary confinement and isolation are a form of torture, with significant medical and physical impacts on those forced to undergo it. Ending solitary confinement was one of the key demands of the mass Palestinian hunger strike in April-May 2012.