Hunger Strike Updates: Abdullah Barghouthi in health crisis; cameras installed in prisoners’ hospital rooms

hungerdignity (1)A Palestinian lawyer who visited Abdullah Barghouthi in Afula hospital on July 6, as he entered his 67th day of hunger strike, reported that he has entered an extremely dangerous phase, that his liver, blood vessels and irregular heartbeat pose a threat to his life. He noted that the hospital has a committee studying the health and legal status of Barghouthi, one of five Palestinian political prisoners holding Jordanian citizenship on hunger strike for their rights as Jordanians, including to be transferred to Jordan. The other four strikers, Muneer Mar’i, Mohammad Rimawi, Alaa Hamdan and Hamza Othman al-Dabbas, have also been on strike since May 2, for 67 days, and are facing severe health threats, in particular Mohammad Rimawi.

In addition, Ayman Hamdan and Imad Batran, Palestinian administrative detainees who have been on hunger strike for 71 and 62 days, respectively, protesting their administrative detention without charge or trial, have now had surveillance cameras installed inside their hospital room at Assaf Horofa Hospital in apparent retaliation for their hunger strike. Palestinian Prisoners Society lawyer Jawad Boulos also reported that they have 6 guards in their room with them who eat and drink inside the room. Both of them have their right hands and left feet chained to their hospital beds, despite their poor health as they consume only water, salt and glucose. Hamdan and Batran are among a number of Palestinian hunger strikers challenging administrative detention, including Ayman Al-Tabeesh and Adel  Hareebat, both of whom have been on hunger strike for 46 days.

Also on hunger strike are Hussam Mattar, demanding his release; Ghassan Elian, protesting his re-arrest after release in the prisoner exchange; Mohammed Al-Tabeesh, in solidarity with his brother Ayman; and Ahmed Hamdan, brother of Ayman Hamda.

Eyad Abu Khudair of Gaza continues his hunger strike for release; he has been detained beyond the end of his sentence and occupation officials refuse to release him, saying he has no identity papers. Khaled Hroub is on hunger strike demanding to be placed with his brother, Younis, and Awad al-Saidi is striking demanding an end to his isolation.

The Prisoners’ Society urged the broadest popular support for the striking prisoners and ill prisoners.

See the following chart (data from Palestinian Prisoners Society) on the hunger strikers and the date they launched their strikes:

Palestinian prisoner’s name

Date of Hunger Strike

Ayman Issa Hamdan 04/28/2013
Muneer Mari 05/02/2013
Abdullah Barghouti 05/02/2013
Alaa Hammad 05/02/2013
Mohammad Rimawi 05/02/2013
Hamza Othman Al-Dabbas 05/02/2013
Imad Batran 05/07/2013
Adel Hareebat 05/23/2013
Ayman Al-Tabeesh 05/23/2013
Hossam Mattar 06/01/2013
Ghassan Elian 06/10/2013
Mohammed Al-Tabeesh 06/12/2013
Khaled Hroub 06/15/2013
Eyad Abu Khudair 06/17/2013
Ahmed Hamdan 06/24/2013
Awad Al-Saidi 06/25/2013