Negev prisoners raided by armed unit

negevThe Palestine Information Centre reported that members of the Israeli prison service’s Rapid Response Unit (Keter) burst into Palestinian prisoners’ rooms in Negev jail on Monday night, June 8.

Riyadh Al-Ashkar, the director of the Palestine prisoners’ center for studies, said that Keter unit members broke into ward 24 and conducted a large-scale search operation in room 3.

He said that he received a phone call from Negev prisoners on Tuesday morning saying that the unit members forced out all 12 administrative detainees held in this room and detained them in the laundry room before searching the room thoroughly damaging prisoners’ belongings in the process.

Ashkar said that the one hour search ended with the confiscation of prisoners’ books and special documents in addition to a small heating device.

The center appealed to international organizations to protect Palestinian prisoners from occupation’s crimes and to stop jailors’ provocations especially with the advent of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.