Abu Sisi suspends hunger strike, wins agreement to end his isolation

dirarabusisiUFree reported that on August 28, 2013, the Palestinian detainee and hunger striker Dirar Abu Sisi has ended his hunger strike a short while ago following an agreement with the Israeli Prison Service to end his solitary confinement.

According to Kasr Al Qaid organisation, Dirar Abu Sisi has reached an agreement with the Israeli Prison Services (IPS) to end his hunger strike after 13 days in a row.

The agreement states:

1- Abu Sisi will be transferred in seven days from solitary confinement to another prison with better living conditions.
2- Three Palestinian prisoners will share Abu Sisi the same prison cell.
3- Abu Sisi will live in the same detention conditions as the other regular sections i.e. food and break time.
4- Following his trial on 15th September 2013, Dirar will be transferred to other sections.

Dirar Abu Sisi has been held in solitary confinement since 2011, when he was kidnapped by Israeli intelligence from a train in the Ukraine and returned to an Israeli prison.