Myassar Atyani sentenced to 3 months and 2000 NIS fine

Palestinian activist myassar-atianiMyassar Atyani was sentenced to 3 months in prison and a fine of 2000 NIS at a court hearing at Salem Military Court on September 11, 2013, on charges of entering Palestine ’48 without a permit. Myassar Atyani was arrested on August 15, 2013 while visiting former prisoner Woroud Qasem, along with fellow former prisoners Linan Abu Ghoulmeh and Leena Jawabreh. Myassar Atyani is a leading activist in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and is a former detainee herself.

Linan Abu Ghoulmeh was sentenced to 60 days and a 1000 NIS fine, and Leena Jawabreh to 30 days and a 1000 NIS fine.