Thaer Halahleh threatens new hunger strike over denial of medical treatment

thaer-halahlehThaer Halahleh is threatening to launch a new hunger strike if he is not provided with appropriate medical treatment, reported the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

Thaer Halahleh, 34, previously was on hunger strike for 77 days in a prior period of administrative detention, securing his release. He was re-arrested and again detained on April 10, 2013. He has been arrested eight times and spent six and a half years in administrative detention total. He was first held in administrative detention in 2000. After many other arrests, he was arrested again in 2008 and spent one year in administrative detention, only to be re-arrested the following year and placed back in administrative detention.

Thaer was informed by a doctor in Ofer Prison that he had contracted Hepatitis C. During a dental operation in Askalan Prison during his previous imprisonment, non-sterile tools were used, and it is believed that this instance of medical malpractice is what has led to this diagnosis.

Thaer reported that he is not being provided with any significant medical treatment. His abdomen is painful and bulging and it is severely painful to sit or even pray.

The Prisoners’ Society said that this is one more example of the ongoing abuse of Palestinian ill prisoners who are regularly denied medical treatment for chronic diseases and severe illness.