Fathiyeh Khanfar released from house arrest after 9 months

fathiyehFathiyeh Khanfar, 58, a Palestinian mother from Jenin who had been held under house arrest in Rahat (inside Palestine ’48) since February, was finally released from house arrest on October 13, after a commitment to pay a 25,000 NIS bail (approximately $7,000 USD). She has already paid a 30,000 NIS fine (approximately $9,000 USD) at the time of her release to house arrest.

Her release from house arrest has been delayed repeatedly, with no reasons given. Fathiyeh was arrested while visiting her imprisoned son Rami, who is serving a 15 year sentence, and accused of attempting to smuggle him a mobile phone. She was held in Israeli detention for 18 days before paying the fine and being subject to house arrest. She will face a trial on October 20. Ragheb Abu Diak of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society noted that this release requires her to have a “sponsor” from within Palestine ’48 and to report in on Sundays and Wednesdays; he thanked the people who had hosted her during house arrest and who had agreed to serve as her sponsor.