Isolation in Israeli prisons: Murad Nimer and Nawal al-Saadi

muradnimerDespite a 2012 agreement, in order to end the mass Karameh hunger strike of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners, to end the use of solitary confinement, the practice continues in occupation prisons. Dirar Abu Sisi was isolated since his kidnapping from the Ukraine in 2011, and despite the agreement was not removed from isolation until days ago, when two other prisoners joined him in his cell. He is still housed apart from the general Palestinian prisoner population. However, at least two other Palestinian prisoners continue to be held in isolation.

Nahar al-Saadi, 32, has been isolated for five months; imprisoned since 2003, he was taken from Ramon prison to Jalama interrogation centre earlier in the year, where he was interrogated for a month. Following his return to Ramon prison, he was moved to Shata prison where he was placed in renewable isolation according to a “secret file,” reported his lawyer Hanan al-Khatib. He was returned to Ramon, but his isolation has continued to be extended on this basis continually since May 21.

Murad Nimer, 29, is being held in 6-month renewable isolation in Ramon prison as well. Imprisoned since 2010, Nimer was taken from Gilboa prison in August to Petah Tikva interrogation and detention centre, where he was interrogated for two weeks. He was returned to Ramon prison and placed in isolation for a 6-month renewable period, accused of continuing resistance activities inside the prisons.

Isolation is not a closed file but an ongoing practice in Israeli prisons, as illustrated by these two cases.