Administrative detainees launch one-day mass hunger strike in occupation prisons

Israeli-Prison-largeAll 170 Palestinian administrative detainees in occupation jails went on a one-day hunger strike on Monday, November 25, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Center for Studies reported.

Administrative detainees in Negev, Ofer and Megiddo started their first day in an intermittent hunger strike as part of their ongoing protests against their imprisonment without charge or trial.

The administrative detainees in Negev have been subjected to harsh measures in response to their protest from the prison administration, including the solitary confinement of four prisoners in isolation cells on Sunday November 24.

All electrical appliances were removed from administrative detainees’ cells, they are being prevented from recreation and denied family visits for a month. In addition, the Negev prison administration is threatening to transfer 50 prisoners.

Administrative detainees announced earlier their plans to boycott Israeli military courts in Ofer, Negev, and the Supreme Court in Jerusalem. They have announced that they will escalate in coming months, including a potential open-ended hunger strike and boycott of prison clinics.